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author PP date 03/12/09 venue Lille Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

Apologies for the long delay of this live review to both the readers as well as the people at Universal; university work has drowned all of my spare time in the past two weeks, but better late than never, right? Sweden's Takida are used to playing in front of thousands of people in their home country Sweden, but tonight they're playing at the 550 capacity Lille Vega. Judging by the endlessly long guestlist at the doors, the majority of people attending tonight have obtained free entrance in one way or another, which suggests one of two things: either people don't know Takida too well, and are just looking to check out the band based on their fame in Sweden and maybe some ads here in Denmark, or alternatively, Takida just has lots and lots of friends in Denmark.


I'm leaning towards the former, considering the miserable turn out half an hour after doors have opened. Aside from the RF.net crew, only a handful of people are inside the venue, and although people are slowly being vacuumed into the venue, the crowd never extends beyond maybe 130 people or so, less than a third of maximum capacity. Clearly, no mosh pits, sing alongs or bouncing sessions are to be expected tonight. Visibly dismayed about playing in front of such a low turn out, the rockstars put on a predictably unenthusiastic performance that's neither good or bad; just another day at the business, so to say. Throughout the night, the show feels more like one of those label showcases than anything else, a concert set up to get a couple of people to check out the band live, and hope for good reviews and word-of-mouth promotion afterward to kick start the band on their path to mainstream success (=record sales) like in Sweden. This feeling is only fortified by the fact that there's no support band tonight. But hey, that's okay, because Takida have never been anything else than a product of the mainstream money machine, and if you can accept that and won't expect any artistic breakthroughs from the band, you should be able to enjoy their brand of post-grunge / hard rock without a problem. Tonight, however, Takida seem to have shifted into their own zone, where they could just as well be in their rehearsal room. The band's apparent purposeful disconnection from realizing that your band's name isn't on everyone's (anyone's?) lips manifests brilliantly during a moment where the vocalist is holding a bottle of beer in one hand, mic in the other, and he forgets which one is which, singing a full line into the beer bottle with his eyes closed.

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