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Danish Death Metal band Illdisposed has been Denmarks flagship on the metal scene for a long time, going back more than 12 years. Their new 2004 release 1-800 Vindication is a big step for the group, signing with Roadrunner Records after being with Diehard Music since their debut album Four Depressive Seasons in 1992. The new album involves a lot of change from their usual hardcore death metal style. There are more synth effects and even clean singing on some tracks.

Illdisposed played at The Rock in Copenhagen thursday the 31st of March 2005, and me and Petteri went to see them. It was the last show on the European Vindication Tour. We entered The Rock a about 21:00, and got ourselves some beers as the first support band PitchBlack entered the stage. They played very heavy and very loud Death Metal with intense growling and hard riffs from their two guitarists. It looked like they played some really cool riffs, only you couldn't really make them out because they played them so loudly. The crowd wasn't really enthusiastic with them, just chilling in the back.

We went outside to rest our ears during the second support band Bombload, and when we came back in, Illdisposed entered the stage.


Singer Summer has a very cool voice, and on their homepage, he's described as a subwoofer. He twists his voice from very deep growling to more highpitched Cradle of Filth-like screaming. The song We Lie In The Snow is a great example of this. He looks awesome when performing. He's this huge guy who looks so evil you wouldn't believe when he's sitting down with both fists wrapped around the microphone, eyes peaking over them, screaming out his lyrics. Fred Durst go home! The rest of the band are also very charismatic in their performance, really getting in there with the crowd, and since there's no security between the crowd and the stage, you can touch the guys without problem.

They started out with playing alot of songs from the new album. The only song I really recognized was Dark. They soon got the crowd moshing, and although The Rock is a small venue, it got pretty intense up front. When they played songs like Near The Gates and We Lie In The Snow from There's Something Rotten..., and when they finished off with some of the stuff from Kokaiinum, some of the obvious die-hard fans went really nuts.

All in all, it was a great concert, with lots of moshing and growling. At one point, guitarist Lasse dropped all his clothes and started playing the guitar naked for some reason. It was really funny, though sweaty male bodies rarely are. In general they really got the crowd going. Great job by Illdisposed, who certainly have not lost their touch, either on stage or in the studio.


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