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author PH date 13/02/05 venue Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

Megadeth is one of the biggest metal bands. The concert was sold out as expected. The support band, Diamond Head, was back together to do this tour as Megadeth's support band. They have made a brand new album, just for this tour. Lars Ulrich from Metallica was a huge fan of diamond head in his early days, and probably still is. Metallica have made 4 covers of Diamond head, which can be found on their "Garage Inc." record. Unfortunately, they confiscated our photo equipment so we are unable to provide photos of the event.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head entered the stage. If you consider their ages, you wouldn't believe that they were able to pull off a such powerful performance. They started playing "It's electric" which everyone in the audience knew, since metallica have made covered it. They played some new songs, which sounded okay. But when they played songs like "Helpless" and "The Prince" the crowd was wild. As their last song, they played the probably most famous song: "Am I Evil?" which Metallica also plays live quite often.



After Diamond Head played, it took about a half an hour before Megadeth came on stage. Their opener was "Blackmail The Universe", which is the opener on their newest album "The System Has Failed" as well. One of my favorites on the newest album, "The Scorpion", was also one of the first songs. Even though Dave Mustaine said "If you can't singalong on the new songs, just make some noise!", almost everybody did the opposite. Everybody seemed to know the lyrics, like on all of the other songs. Dave held a couple of breaks, where he spoke to the audience. A jerk started to scream all kind of things to him, and he responded with something like "Are you done? Are you sure that you are done? Cause if you are done, there's quite a lot of people who want to talk to you" and he finished that break saying this "I love you, just stop that!"

In another break Dave dedicated a song to his friend Dimebag (former Pantera/Damageplan) guitarist, who died last year at a concert shooting (RIP). And in another break he said: "Three years ago a doctor told me I would never play guitar again... well, what do you think?!" and later on "how many of you play in a band?" and almost everyone yelled "YEAH!" which I'm not quite sure everyone did.One of their last songs, was "Peace Sells". No one was surprised by that. But a lot probably were, when they started to play the old Black Sabbath song "Paranoid" - and they did that very well.

Megadeth chose the best songs for the evening, although i would have liked some more from their "Cryptic Writings" album, from which the only song chosen was "Trust". Apart from that, i have nothing to complain about. Dave was in good shape. Sadly, Megadeth will never visit Denmark again. After the "Blackmail the Universe" tour, Dave will become a solo artist.


Setlist: Not 100% accurate

  • 1. Blackmail The Universe
  • 2. Set The World Afire
  • 3. Wake Up Dead
  • 4. Skin o' My teeth
  • 5. The Scorpion
  • 6. Something I'm Not
  • 7. In My Darkest Hour
  • 8. Angry Again
  • 9. A Tout Le Monde
  • 10. Of Mice And Men
  • 11. Die Dead Enough
  • 12. Trust
  • 13. Hangar 18
  • 14. Symphony Of Destruction
  • 15. Kick The Chair
  • 16. Tornado Of Souls
  • 17. Sweating Bullets
  • 18. Back In The Day
  • 19. Peace sells - Paranoid

--- Encore ---

  • 20. Holy Wars

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