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author PP date 17/11/08 venue Store Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

Arriving at the venue and seeing not just two, but three tour buses as well as a massive truck had me expecting a supergroup with egos so huge that they can't even share the same bus together any longer. Turns out I was wrong, as the band had arranged for some 20 fans to get the chance to watch the band do sound check, and even nominate one girl to sing "Open Your Eyes" on the stage together with the rest of the band. Few bands are interested in hanging out with their fans already before the show, but the way Alter Bridge came out to the venue floor after finishing soundcheck to meet everyone gave the impression that they are one of the most honest, fan-loving bands out there. Mad props from this magazine.


Logan, Alter Bridge's touring support from Scotland, took to stage in front of a nearly empty hall, but it didn't take them long to draw people closer to the stage from all the bars at the venue. They play a nostalgic brand of grunge that recalls mid to late 90s Pearl Jam that most people feel at least some kind of connection with, and especially their vocalist has an amazing voice that sounds frighteningly similar to that of Eddie Vedder's. Although Logan's songs aren't exactly the most interesting compositions of music, given that they recite pretty much every big grunge band of the 90s in one way or another, they're still a reasonably enjoyable band to watch live, thanks to the great vocal performance. Especially their final song "When I Get Down" had the crowd singing along - by this point the hall was almost full, proof that Logan found a great deal of new fans here tonight.


Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge, however, was tonight's highlight, and a show that I had been looking forward to for quite some time considering how amazing Myles Kennedy's vocal performance had been at Rock Am Ring this summer. Unfortunately, just like last time the band was here, he had caught a cold and thus wasn't able to sing with the same kind of raw power and energy as this summer, and this took a great deal away from their set. But considering how difficult it must be to sing the massive clean vocal choruses song after song, I have to give the dude some credit for not canceling on us and still being able to put on a performance worthy of every kroner in ticket price. Luckily, the crowd stepped up in a few songs, singing along in "Ties That Bind", "Before Tomorrow Comes", and especially "Open Your Eyes" from the top of their lungs, allowing Myles to rest his vocals for a while. The rest of the band's expression was just as you'd expect a multi-platinum act to be in a live environment: professional and tight. The riffs were played with conviction and raw energy, inducing the crowd to transform the floor into a trampoline in songs like "Come To Life" and "White Knuckles", some of the band's heaviest tracks written to date. And with setlist evenly divided between the band's two albums, fans of both albums got their share of material tonight and then some, considering after the encore Myles emerged alone on stage to play a bluesy cover of Robert Johnson's "Travelling Riverside Blues". As expected, the set was closed with arguably the band's best song "Rise Today", and I'm left feeling with a good, but yet mildly disappointed feeling about tonight because of Myles' voice, but hey, you can't blame the band for that.



1. Intro

2. Find The Real

3. Come To Life

4. Before Tomorrow Comes

5. Brand New Start

6. White Knuckles

7. Buried Alive

8. One Day Remains

9. Ties That Bind

10. Blackbird

11. Watch Over You

12. Metalingus

13. Open Your Eyes


14. Broken Wings

15. Cover of Robert Johnson - Travelling Riverside Blues

16. Rise Today

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