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author TL date 16/02/08 venue Loppen, Copenhagen, DEN

You know for a fact that the gig you just saw was awesome when, on your way home, you find yourself severely drunk, covered in sweat and smeared with someone else's blood..but more on that later. Timecheck: 20:50. Location: Loppen, Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark.. Yet again.. More specifically I'm waiting in line along with our most recent recruit AB. Doors have apparently once again been pushed to 21:00 in spite of us still thinking it was at 20:00, and we're happily discussing the clothing choice of a couple of nearby metallers, how AB is doomed to lose his large skate-shoes, and how we should've definetely bought some more beers for the line. Eventually the doors open though, and while the DJ pleases the crowd with some oldschool metal, we find a dark corner to sit down in and before long, we're celebrating the discovery of our shared passion for Iron Maiden with a couple of more beers. Long story short; the stage is set for a night filled with metal and beverages, and all that remains now is the arrival of the support band.

Eventually the three-piece Toxic Holocaust arrives to fill that role and we move in closer to see what they've got. And what they've got is straightforward thrash that would make the headliners proud. Pounding drums and deafening riffage is topped off with indecipherable scratched screaming, and it works brilliantly. Okay, people aren't anywhere near any kind of frenzy, but the show is quite enjoyable nonetheless. That being despite the fact that you have no chance of understanding a word being sung or distinguishing one song from another. It's just like the music has an energy to it that's a perfect fit for tonights mood and crowd. Some tap their feet, some bang their heads and the vast majority of us are smiling, getting geared up for what's to come. Pretty good job when soundwise, the band seems to be going for louder rather than better. However, it's clear that these guys have the skills to deliver something better than the tribute band-ish performance tonight.


Now I've heard of Municipal Waste and about how they bring the party to every show, but I'd say I'm rather unprepared for the truth of things. From the first beat, the pedal is not only on top of the metal, it has been stomped right through it, and it's not going to rise by an inch for the duration of this show. The quality of sound hasn't increased much and we still have no clue what all the roaring on the mic is about but that is only just about as significant as where the ladies room is at, because from the first song the air is suddenly filled with people jumping on stage only to be catapulted back on top of their fellow crowdmembers. It's madness and it's relentless as we jump around, brandishing air guitars and throwing our hair around, only pausing to catch the odd person flying on to us every 10 seconds or so. The band takes us through such brilliantly titled tracks as "Beer Pressure", "Headbanger Face Rip", and "Punk As Shit" while giving out beer bongs to crowdmembers in between songs. By now, people are swinging upside down and shirtless from the rafters of the venue's low ceiling and noone is showing any signs of wear and tear. There's the best possible mood in the crowd as every surfer is caught and carried and every fallen is instantly pulled to his feet, and even the band seems to be caught by surprise as they tell us how "This is the craziest fuckin' show of the tour", and encourage the riots by throwing anyone coming on stage headfirst into the crowd as soon as they can. When they finally walk off stage they return almost instantly, promising us three more songs to repay our efforts, and I don't think I need to say that the audience recognizes this last chance to burn out their last few ounces of energy. When the show is finally closed with "Bangover", there are as many people on stage as off it, and I don't think anyone has a clue what's up or down or forwards or backwards anymore. Not that it matters - We're drunk, we're sweaty, we're happy.. And someone has bled on me!? Nevermind, just heed that, if Municipal Waste comes to play a show near you, you make damn sure you see them - if you don't, you're missing out big time!



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