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author MIN date 28/10/17 venue KB18, Copenhagen, DEN

After having read what great support they provided during Mayhem’s gig at Amager Bio earlier this year, it’d be weird not to be just a little curious as to what kind of demonic power a show spearheaded by British Dragged Into Sunlight possesses. Although my knowledge of the band prior to tonight’s show is somewhat limited, my friend firmly assures me that I have to join him for a night of black, death and doom, adding further to the hype surrounding this ominous four-piece. What also intrigues me about KB18’s lineup, however, is a chance to see the new Copenhagen-based doom metal outfit, Konvent, who kicks off the black ball that’s about to unfold, promising a Saturday night out of the ordinary.


”… upon their brow is written the word DOOM” from 1984’s motion picture “A Christmas Carol” is honestly a good way to launch a doom metal set, taking into consideration that Ebenezer Scrooge is a pretty ghastly guy. A shaking rhythm-section initiates “Chernobyl Child”, unfortunately cementing that KB18 has the unsavory potential of making every band sound like a night in the rehearsal studio, resulting in a performance that sounds more like murky waters than an unescapable tar pit. Luckily, however, vocalist Rikke Emilie List suddenly tears through the Black Sabbath-esque groove by virtue of some impressive growls, adding a most welcome touch of Cannibal Corpse to the set that I’d not seen coming, ultimately salvaging the first few songs of the night.

As the show progresses, the band seems to get increasingly more in sync with each other, resulting in a climatic collective headbanging-session by everyone up front during Konvent’s final song, “Squares”. Another evident highlight arrived during the set’s penultimate track, which saw bassist Heidi Withington Brink and guitarist Sara Helena Nørregaard taking turns at churning out a few tasty chords, working as proof of a band that, despite still oiling their gears, seems to be on the right track in terms of delivering a legitimate, confident metal show. Despite a wobbly start, Konvent thankfully managed to erase all frowns during a sure-fire second half, ultimately providing a great beginning to a great night.


Dragged Into Sunlight

Dragged Into Sunlight is a new acquaintance, but it doesn’t take long to realize that these guys have something special going on. After a few minutes of droning noise to establish tonight’s setting, the band takes the stage and aggressively present their breed of blackened death metal with a gloomy touch of doom atmosphere. Aided by a volume-knob set to max, the impressive drumming of J. (no, the band members don’t have any published full names) is the very manifestation of bad weather, taking turns in sounding like a raging thunderstorm and a fiery vortex of biblical proportions, obviously complimented by perfectly steady yet violent attacks from the bass guitar, resulting in what is the perfect foundations for a band such as this. Additionally, the band has a knack of effortlessly switching from full-throttled buzzsaw-riffs over enhanced tremolo and unto slowed-down, neckbreaking chugs and sweeps, making sure that the songs never become overly monotonous or dragging; despite the inaccessibility of the band’s music, you never feel like they lose focus or release their sonic chokehold on you.

I guess I should add the fact that the band constantly have their backs turned against the audience, except for when guitarist A. has to turn around and yell into the microphone when vocalist T. needs an extra layer of violence – although it’s not like he needs it, constantly rasping and screaming like early-00s Jacob Bannon in most impressive fashion. The entire band is so damn talented and tightly stitched together that if you tried throwing stones at them during their performance, those stones would ricochet right off like pebbles on a jet engine. Most of the movement comes from T. as he screams into the air or spills his guts all over the floor, but it’s impressive to just stand and stare in awe at the bouldering inferno that’s unfolding. There are no gimmicks or screens presented tonight, just the band and a large figurehead made up of a large goat’s skull with five burning candles above it. Honestly, nothing else is required seeing as the overwhelming sound of the band firing on all cylinders is so impressive that my core is still trying to reassemble itself. I’d be lying if I didn’t pen down that the sound of the guitar could’ve used a little more emphasize during some of the band’s more melodic sections, but we’re talking peanuts here. The hype surrounding Dragged Into Sunlight is very much justified, and after this performance, I’d be surprised if not everyone in attendance was impressed. The band delivered 55 minutes of extremely brutal metal that’d have even the most cynical elitist shaking in her/his black leather boots.

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