Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

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author BV date 09/09/16 venue Tivoli, Copenhagen, DEN

I would be a liar if I claimed an all-encompassing interest in Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Sure, like most Danes I’ve heard the bulk of their material on various occasions and I’ll admit to it being quite great for what it is. It’s just not what I usually go for; preferences and all that. Nonetheless I opted to give the band a go on this night in Tivoli to broaden my taste and horizon a little. With the cards then laid flat out on the table prior to the review, here goes.

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Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

Prior to the showstart at 22:00, Tivoli was already packed full of people both young and old. The massive turnout for the band made getting around the area in front of the stage quite interesting to say the least. Opting to then leave the bigger fans than I to occupy that particular area, I ventured to farthest end of Tivoli’s garden – thus choosing to view the majority of the show through camera projections onto a screen. As the time neared 22:00, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy entered the stage to the sound of a pre-recorded intro track prior to launching into a plethora of newer material – material I’ll admit to not being all that acquainted with. The majority of the crowd where I was standing seemed rather disengaged as well, when faced with these newer songs. With the appearance of “Barbedwired Baby’s Dream” the crowd was elevated into a temporary state of near-euphoria throughout Tim Christensen’s lengthy displays of virtuoso guitar skills coupled with Martin Nielsen and Søren Friis’ collective understanding of groove.

With the continued parade of hits like ”Glory” and ”Rotator”, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy made quite the effort to impress and dazzle the audience with the, by now, quite exaggerated displays of virtuosity. However, due to the unfortunate restrictions of Tivoli’s sound levels placed upon them by neighbors and such the band never really made the dazzling impression they were going for. I’m sure die-hard fans of the band who had ventured as close to the stage as possible were getting the experience they hoped for – but for those with a bit of distance to the stage, I’m quite certain it was easy to feel disconnected. Before closing the main set with “Waterline”, Christensen made the effort to inform the crowd of their pending break from touring so as to write and record new material – seeing as the band is no longer reunited but reactivated in his own words.

Closing out with the encores consisting of tracks like “Silverflame” and “I Would If I Could But I Can’t”, the atmosphere fairly quickly dissipated to near nothingness – signifying that it was all well and good, but not really a great show per se. More like a very solid, but still going through the usual motions type of show – adding a tiny bit of fuel to the sentiment that most people are probably still hanging around to watch their heroes perform the stuff they know – not the stuff they just released. But I digress – Dizzy Mizz Lizzy delivered a solid show and although they never really impressed me, I’d write that off due to the simple fact that I am not a fan of the band to begin with – unlike the horde of people who were present at the show.


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