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author MN date 13/11/15 venue Global, Copenhagen, DEN

The Global venue in Nørrebro is somewhat overseen and underrated by the Copenhagen community. Largely relying on a dedicated and passionate volunteer base, the venue still remains under the radar, far away from mainstream attention. The venue is tucked behind one of Nørrebro’s most popular plazas, and plays host to an extremely diverse set of world music concerts in every style imaginable. One of tonight’s co-headliners are the infamous Dutch ska-maniacs Bazzookas, hailing from the coastal city of The Hague. Upon arriving at the venue, a classic yellow school bus is parked outside, indicative of the playful and unadulterated nature of the visiting Dutchmen. One of the prime reasons for attending this evening is undoubtedly also the presence of the local Danish ska outfit, Larica, who unfortunately have decided to announce their disbanding band with only two remaining shows (one tonight and another at a sold-out Dubioza Kolektiv show in Loppen).

With the show billed specifically as a co-headliner, giving the bands roughly equal lenght sets, fans could look forward to both Larica sending a penultimate salute to their fierce fanbase, and Bazzooka's coming to thoroughly present their maniacal ska-extravaganza to fresh eyes.

Photos of Larica courtesy of Andrea Sigaard


Larica own a sentimental position in my heart as a band I followed them all throughout my university years. Thus, I stand with a bittersweet feeling when Larica’s members start to populate the stage for what could be the last chance for many longtime fans to experience their eclectic live show. Despite being firmly planted within the realm of ska music, Larica are no strangers to experimentation and often draw influences of both contemporary and diachronic natures. Elements of swing-time, techno and lots of Balkan cacophony characterize Larica’s rich musical soundscape where the dual saxophones provide a sense of rawness from the get-go of the show.

Larica's main mission is to inspire frivolous freedom expressed through the cathartic and liberating art of skanking. From songs like “Bobler Og Champagne” to “Det Kaotiske Orkester”, Larica delivers a show of conviction, never failing to perform the rituals that a show of theirs dictates. People are getting naked, audience members and fans are shooting out confetti towards the crowd, and the duo of Mads Tamborg and Lars Molzen perform some killer brass solo work. Familiar faces and a sense of togetherness exudes from the crowd as the many longtime fans come to salute one of the great ska bands of Denmark. Despite all the well-deserved praises, Larica are clearly affected by their current status as a band most likely stopping for good.

So with an air of pensive reflection, Larica are not performing their absolute best show, but certainly not one of their worst. Vocalist Kristian Nielsen still remains his politically-charged and charismatic self, and he continues to charm his way around the venue for the hour long show. With a great salute to all the band members, Larica finish off in style. We thank you for the music, Larica. Good luck with your future (hopefully musical) endeavours


Having only just managed to check out a couple of tunes by the Dutch outfit, I stand ready to receive tonight’s visitors from Holland with a sense of curiosity. After having skanked away at Larica’s show earlier in the evening, I start to feel the muscle fatigue kicking in. So in anticipation I stand restlessly, yet ready to welcome the guests to the stage. Opening with “Zin” and the fun-loving track “Skanken” Bazzookas are off to a monumental start to their show as lead vocalist Bas marks his undeniable presence on the stage. The nine man strong band are in top shape for tonight’s festivities, often engaging in fun banter with the crowd.

Despite most songs being sung in Dutch, the language barrier has absolutely no effect on people’s willingness to skank and even sing along in hopes of pronouncing things correctly. Bazzookas are absolutely unstoppable and tirelessly go from one ska-basher to the other, only stopping for the obligatory banter and occasional competitions. Certain highlights include “Haha” and “Donder Op", where the Brass section really get to prove its worth.

The trombone duo even performs an entertaining segment where they play each other's slides in coordination. As mentioned before, audience members often find themselves engaged to join the stage, including yours truly who was convinced to perform in a hard-style dance competition. (I will not disclose who won). The quality of songs and the sound calibration is seamless. Having been to gigs counting well up into the hundreds, it takes a lot for a band to engage this “none-too-easily-impressed” critic, but Bazzookas completely seduced me this evening and I rarely find myself dancing to the point of cramps as I did on this Friday night. Please do return, Bazzookas!

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