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author BV date 02/10/15 venue Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, DEN

Well, it would seem that I didn’t quite get enough of Spids Nøgenhat the last time I saw them perform in Tivoli, because here I am once more, typing up a review of one of their used-to-be-sparse shows. For the duration of this weekend, Spids Nøgenhat will take over Pumpehuset for no less than three sold out shows – whereas this review concerns the first of these three, acid-drenched nights. No stranger to the venue or the band, I therefore entered Pumpehuset alongside friends and acquaintances to witness yet another Spids Nøgenhat show.

All photos courtesy of Stefan Frank thor Straten

Spids Nøgenhat

True to tradition, there was no support act before Spids Nøgenhat were scheduled to appear on stage, meaning that the obligatory background music was delivered by what seems to be their go-to guy; DJ Fjerklædte Slangegud. Some time would pass before Spids Nøgenhat appeared on stage – roughly 30 minutes more than expected, actually, but when they finally appeared the room was brimming with life, life basking in the gloriously psychedelic visuals sprawling all over the place. ”This is the first day of our three-day acid-Camino” remarked front-man Uffe Lorenzen before the band, true to tradition, kicked off their set with “Mere Lys”. The level of energy emitted from the stage was abundant from the get-go, instantly rubbing off on the audience as well, as all five band members pulled strange grimaces and practically embodied the very essence of what they were trying to convey to the crowd. With “Lever Vi Nu?” Spids Nøgenhat maintained their enthusiastic demeanor before they launched into a powerful version of fan-favorite “Det Psykedeliske Tapet” – delivered with such intensity that the already hot venue began turning a sweat-lodge of sorts.

With ”Den Gennemsigtige Mand” Spids Nøgenhat cemented once and for all that this, this very unlikely hit, is basically always a peak of sorts during their sets. Whether it is because of the highly memorable chorus, or the sheer wall of sound the very same chorus hits the audience with is actually still puzzling me, but its allure remains as strong as ever – even when you’ve seen and heard the song performed live more times than you could possibly try to recall. The guitar-work of Morten ‘Aron’ Larsen and Henrik ‘Hobitten’ Klitstrøm reached a peak of its own throughout the many subtle twists and turns of “Jorden Kalder” – which, in turn, was extended greatly in length to my pleasant surprise, as it now included a small section of fairly hypnotic, yet subtle drumming as well. Speaking of drumming, I can still attest to the fact that Spids Nøgenhat might just possess one of the strongest rhythm sections in Denmark – at least within this acidic corner of rock music – as Anders Grøn and Anders Skjødt delivered one solid groove after the other, never losing sight of the common musical goal as the guitars and the organ oscillated their way into freak-out after freak-out – particularly on “Hvad Har Du Taget?” which closed off the main part of the set with a lengthy space-rock sounding jam which clearly divided some parts of the audience as there were those who seemed to bask in the glory of howling feedback, bubbling echoes and pounding grooves whilst there were those who felt it necessary to cover their ears – an understandable action if you are not accustomed to sonic walls of this particular magnitude.

Returning for no less than five encores, Spids Nøgenhat ventured through well-known but soulful territory like Tømrerclaus’ ”Når Spindelvævene Blomstrer”, Røde Mor’s “Lil’ Johnny’s Mund” over to a beautifully melancholic version of Green Grass’ immortal yet tragically unknown classic “Du Er Min Allerbedste Ven”. As the band reached a final peak of the night with “Udkoksning I 3 Satser” and a subsequent, mellow “Fred” it would seem that Pumpehuset is the perfect fit for Spids Nøgenhat and vice versa. Every single experience I’ve had with the band here, both those I have reviewed and those I that I haven’t, have been nothing less than extraordinary. Last night’s show might not be the greatest show they’ve ever played, but they are nonetheless in remarkable musical shape and those who possess tickets to tonight’s (Saturday’s) and Sunday’s shows are most definitely in for a treat.



  • 1. Mere Lys
  • 2. Lever Vi Nu?
  • 3. Det Psykedeliske Tapet
  • 4. Den Gennemsigtige Mand (Furekåben)
  • 5. Spids Nøgenhat i Græsset
  • 6. Jorden Kalder
  • 7. Lolland Falster
  • 8. Vand, Brød og Te
  • 9. Ud På landet (Aron)
  • 10. Hvad Har Du Taget?
  • --Encore—
  • 11. Når Spindelvævene Blomstrer (Tømrerclaus)
  • 12. Lil’ Johnny’s Mund (Røde Mor)
  • 13. Du Er Min Allerbedste Ven (Green Grass)
  • 14. Udkoksning I 3 Satser (Cinderella)
  • 15. Fred

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