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author MBC date 03/08/15 venue Lille Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

Monday night was a good night for metal fans in Copenhagen. As AP went to Beta to check out some dirty southern metal from Crowbar, I went to Lille Vega to see American deathcore masters Suicide Silence. While the genre has somewhat faded of late, a few bands still hang on and continue to do their thing. Suicide Silence are certainly one of those bands and tonight they proved that they are still very much relevant in the metal world. Following the devastating loss of vocalist Mitch Lucker three years ago, the band has carried on with vocalist Hernan Hermida, formerly of All Shall Perish, and released the album “You Can’t Stop Me” last year. Anybody present at last year’s Copenhell witnessed that the band certainly has not lost its stride and that Hermida is an amazing vocalist fully capable of fronting the band. Tonight’s performance was no different: A fun, energetic metal show with a great connection between band and crowd.

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Before the main act, we got to experience the young thrash/death metal band Caro from Frederikshavn. The band entered the stage at exactly 9’o clock. No delays, no early performance before the advertised time slot, they started exactly when they were supposed to, which started the night off in a good manner. From the get-go the energy was high and the reception from the half full venue was surprisingly strong. This was my first experience with the band, and I was not expecting this kind of appreciation for a Danish warm-up act, but I was pleasantly surprised. Caro play fast thrashy death metal with some killer grooves. They exude confidence and the joy of playing live on stage and they really know how to get a crowd going. Unfortunately, the sound was a bit muddy on the guitars leaving it difficult to hear what seemed to be great melodic guitar details.

The vocals sounded great though, and vocalist Michael Olsson demanded the crowd with his impressive switching between growls, mid range roars and high pitched screams. He had a great connection with the crowd and got a few moshpits going during the show. I was very impressed with Caro tonight. These guys can really play; their music is fast, technical and groovy and they put on a highly energetic and entertaining metal show that lasted nearly 40 minutes. Caro should be an obvious candidate for one of the Danish acts at Copenhell next year.

Suicide Silence

On to the main act of the night, Suicide Silence entered the stage a little past 10 following the classic Korn track “Blind” playing over the speakers. The band ripped into “Unanswered” and “No Pity For A Coward” which was a ridiculously effective way to start the show off. The very hot Lille Vega was pretty much full of people at this point who joined Hermida in screaming “where is your fucking God?” and “pull the trigger bitch!”. From the get-go it was clear just how effective and catchy the band’s songs are at a live show like this. This was demonstrated again with “Fuck Everything” that had the crowd screaming along as well. Say what you will about the deathcore genre, one cannot deny the heavy-as-hell breakdowns, blasting double bass and insane grooves that this band has and how well these work at a live show. They played several of their best songs including “Wake Up”, “Lifted”, “Disengage” and of course “You Only Live Once” and all through the show the energy was incredible.

Much like with Caro, it was difficult to properly hear the guitar details, which meant that the sweeping solos did not stand out as much as one could have hoped for. The sound on Hermida’s demonic growls and insanely high pitched screams was great though, and it was impossible to not get affected by the sheer power of his voice and his dominant presence on stage. Hermida constantly addressed his audience and involved them as much as possible, making sure that it did not feel like just another show for the band. He said that the show was better than Copenhell last year and told the crowd “you guys are freaking crazy”. He even addressed one particular fan wearing a panda outfit regularly throughout the show and acknowledged that the guy wore that same outfit at Copenhell last year. Obviously, it is easier to remember a guy wearing a panda costume than some other people, but this was still a really cool thing for Hermida to acknowledge the guy so much in a fun, positive way. At one point he even demanded a “hug of death” where the audience was split in half with the panda-guy standing in the middle to receive plenty of hugs from the rest of the crowd, which of course resulted in a traditional, brutal wall of death. It was quite a sight.

Suicide Silence played little under an hour, and when they said goodnight that was the actual end of the show. This was awesome plain and simple. An effective, fun and energetic show with an amazing live band on top of its game. Exactly how it should be.

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