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author MS date 20/10/04 venue Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

I didn't really know what to expect from this concert, as the only songs I had really heard from Hoobastank was their smash hit "Crawling in the Dark", and "Running Away" from their self-titled debut-album, and the radiohit "The reason", from their second album of the same title, released in late 2003. I really like "Crawling in the Dark", and was really looking forward to it.

Before the concert I spent some time listening to the new album, and found to my great relief, that it was nothing like the song "The reason". It is really the only ballad they have made (that i know of). I was kinda expecting a lot of pop-interested people to be at the concert, because of this terrible "sell-out stunt" called "The Reason", that they made, but was very positively surprised. The crowd turned out to be really energetic through the entire concert, and the atmosphere was great.

The doors opened at 19:00, and the warm-up band "Three Days Grace" entered the stage at just about 20:05. I had not heard of them, except for the name beforehand, so I did not know what to expect. They turned out to be really good actually, and my friend who I saw the concert with bought their CD after the show.


Three Days Grace played for about half an hour, and after that there was another half an hour break, before Hoobastank entered the stage. They opened with track 2 from their new album; "Out of Control", and I couldn't have picked a better opener myself. It's without a doubt their most energetic song, with the lead-singer Doug Robb almost screaming his lungs out Casey Chaos style...well maybe that's exaggerating. Right from the start the crowd went nuts, jumping up and down. It was great!

After a couple of songs, Mr. Robb announced that they were gonna play a song from their old album, which turned out to be "Running Away". You could really hear the crowd singing along on this one, and even more energy pumped through it.

Ididn't really recognize many songs they played, but they were all high-paced rock songs, except "The Reason", on which the guitars were a lot more distorted than in the radio version. They pulled that off rather well I think.

They saved "Crawling in the Dark" for last, and this was the song I was really looking forward to. Even though the crowd must have been somewhat busted from jumping (I know I was), they showed even more energy than before, and you could really hear them sing along here as well. It could almost be compared to when Metallica played "Seek & Destroy" as their show-ender in Parken this May.

They finished off with a somewhat slower song, and made no encores, which surprised me, since I don't think I've ever been to a concert with no encores. All in all a good rock concert, which turned out a lot better than I expected it to. The lead singer adressed the crowd alot, taking pictures from the stage, and throwing out water bottles with the words "you'll have to share", even though he only threw like 3 bottles. The only downside I can think of was that some of the songs sounded a bit alike, and I actually though 2 songs were "Crawling in the Dark", when they played the intro riff, before they actually played it.


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