Enter Shikari

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author TL date 13/04/07 venue Loppen, Copenhagen, DEN

After having ravaged their homeland with their hardcore/eurotrance fusion for the past 4 years, finally breaking into the mainstream, Friday, April 13th marked the day where the phenomemon that has become Enter Shikari would finally step foot on Danish soil for a gig at Loppen in the free city of Christiania. While the local scene was strongly represented as usual, the turn out to the concert was still pretty small, and the absence of support bands contributed to the somewhat unusual feeling this night seemed to have before the show started. Nevertheless, everybody was clearly in a very good mood, and people were rushing round all over the place, buying merch and the infamous fingerlights, only to settle down in front of the stage in anticipation.

Enter Shikari

When the lights suddenly change and the recognizeable ambience from the intro to the bands debut album "Take To The Skies" fills the room, you witness full on the dedication of the otherwise limited group of fans, as everyone surges to the front, creating a pressure from the rear that easily matches the one present at gigs attended by twice the amount of people. The British lads predicably explode the show upon the first real song off the album "Enter Shikari", and chaos ensues. Word of the bands awesome liveshow and the strange mosh/dance combination-pits present at it have gotten here well in advance of the band itself, and people are throwing themselves into the ecstasy they've been waiting for. The band sounds as good as you'd expect, their reputation taken into consideration, and as you'd also expect, vocalist Rou is bouncing from one end of the stage to the other, rallying the crowd into backing up the gang vocal parts. They then play "The Feast", which is the first of two songs to be played tonight that isn't on the album, and then follow up with "Return To Energiser", effectively pumping the mood up another notch. "Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour" and "No Sssweat" hit us like a double punch to the face, and at this point it doesn't seem like things are going to ease down any time soon.

Meanwhile, while the small interludes have connected the songs just like they do on the record, the drummer Rob has been taking advantage of every single opportunity he's had to get up from his drumset and dance around stage, motioning for the crowd to go even more crazy than they're already doing. Chris decides that before treating us to "Jonny Sniper", we have to be educated on Jonny's background, more specifically the story of how he apparently is an annoying person who shoots condoms onto people's penises right before they're about to have sex. Delighted with the story, someone decides to throw a condom at him. Not taking much notice the band launches "Jonny Sniper", and if my memory serves it is during this song the band decides it is time for them to make the crowd build the by now legendary human pyramid, and although Loppen's low ceiling limits it's grandeur somewhat, it can do nothing to contain the levels of fun the crowd has building them. "Kicking Back" precedes "Mothership" which sees some serious trance action from a crowd of people who would usually be pretty much the least likely to display it. Finally we get to hear "Sorry You're Not A Winner", and this undisputeably awesome track simply blows us away. We're killing ourselves in frenzied dancing, Rory is hanging upside down from the ceiling, still playing his guitar, and well.. everything is just climaxing. As the band closes with "Ok Time For Plan B", everyone gives the last tiny bits of energy they have left, and then suddenly it's over. The band leaves the stage without an encore, and not a single soul is left unhappy. A fact backed by how everyone I know who was at the gig have flocked to tell me it was the best thing they ever saw.

Objectively speaking, there are however a few things that drag Enter Shikari slowly but steadily away from the highest grade. First of all, 10 songs and no encore is a short show no matter what way you look at it, and it's clear that the band is still too young and only in possesion of a limited selection of songs to play. Also, the trained ear would notice that the clean backing vocals were more than just a little off in some places. These are however merely facts that remind us that in terms of being in the limelight, we're still dealing with a very young band, and from the things they've already shown to be capable of, I think it's more than fair to expect much more TRULY unique and mindnumbing stuff from them, once they get a little more experience


  • 1. Enter Shikari
  • 2. The Feast
  • 3. Return To Energiser
  • 4. Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour
  • 5. No Sssweat
  • 6. Jonny Sniper
  • 7. Kicking Back
  • 8. Mothership
  • 9. Sorry You're Not A Winner
  • 10. OK Time For Plan B

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