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author PP date 19/04/04 venue KB Hallen, Copenhagen, DEN

I did not really know what to expect from this concert. Their newest album "A Crow Left Of The Murder" did not really say much to me yet, as I only had heard it a few times before the concert. But I had my thoughts on their previous material from "Morning View" & "Make Yourself" which include some of my all-time favorite songs.

The concert hall was surprisingly small - and it was not sold out. There were seats surrounding the big flat standing area in case you did not want to stand. About 2100 people packed in that night to see Incubus play and I'm sure that none of them were disappointed. At least I wasn't.


The warmup band had a few good songs but it didn't really light up the crowd. I think Incubus had realized that which is why they started their concert off with "Megalomaniac", their first single from the new album that everyone in the hall knew inside out already beforehand. The crowd got into it right away.

We heard most of the songs on the new album and all of the best songs from "Morning View" and "Make Yourself". The only song I really felt was missing from the setlist was "Consequence". But while they played songs like "Drive" and "I Wish You Were Here" one could hear the crowd singing way louder than the noise their instruments & singing was making.

Their drummer played the most incredible drum-solo - live or from studio album - that I have ever heard. It lasted over 5 minutes. I could not imagine one could actually make such great melody with drums. We also heard a guitar solo, bass solo and finally a bongo-drum combination with their DJ.

All in all, the concert lasted for over two hours and really went above my expectations for it. But still, when thinking about the concert, I wouldn't call it anywhere near the best concert that I have been to, despite the amount of material present. One thing that I didn't like specially was the fact that Boyd did not address the crowd in between the songs at all. Not a single time did he mention that he was in Copenhagen. The longest replique from him was about three words, after which they began the next song. I guess I would have wanted him to participate more with the crowd in a way.



  • 1. Megalomaniac
  • 2. Crow Left of the Murder
  • 3. Warning
  • 4. Idiot Box
  • 5. Just a Phase
  • 6. Priceless
  • 7. Zee Deveeel
  • 8. Wish You Were Here
  • 9. Pantomime
  • 10. Here In My Room
  • 11. My Girl
  • 12. Pistola
  • 13. Crowded Elevator
  • 14. Vitamin
  • 15. The Warmth
  • 16. Talk Shows On Mute
  • 17. Magic Medicine
  • 18. A Certain Shade of Green
  • 19. Sick Sad Little World
  • 20. Ben's Solo
  • 21. Are You In
  • 22. Privilege

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