Rant: !@#$%* Concert Times

author PP date 25/02/09

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!@#$%* Concert Times

Recently I attended the The Gaslight Anthem concert in Lille Vega with Polar Bear Club and Frank Turner supporting. It was awesome show, that wasn't the problem, it was the time that the show actually started; the tickets said 21:00 but the show started at 20:15. It was pointed out to me that this is a commonality factor for Danish concerts, but why? Taking the words of Miss South Carolina, I personally believe it is due the unwillingness of people to see those “dreadful” warm-up bands. As a rock enthusiast myself, I trust the reason that these bands were chosen for the bill were for the similarities to the main act; these bands should be taken not with a grain of salt, they could be good! From my own experience of going to venues in other countries such as the United States, this same quid pro quo does not exist. The time on the ticket is when the first support band starts, let the people decide how many people see a show, not the venue. Bands should push this more often in Denmark.

I was present when Rockfreaks.net sat down with Jimmy, the lead singer of Polar Bear Club, and he explicitly stated that in the US people just leave if they don’t like your set. This is normal for a band, but if a band that has gotten a nine out of ten for their debut full length album from most magazines cannot meagerly get 50 people to watch them only due to the start time stated in the tickets for an almost sold out show, how will they get exposed in a new country such as Denmark? I can not stress enough the unjust and mere stupidity of venues that practice this ideology of only supporting the main act. More people earlier, equal more beers sold, which equals more money!

So for some reason these up and coming bands are not getting the love from the venue nor the fan base of the main act, so as you finish reading my rant, let me know how you feel about these !@#$%* concert times in the comments.

Written by Alan Husum

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