Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Milestone Medicate the Night EP 30/03/2013 BV 8
The Heavy Eyes Maera 03/04/2013 BV 8
Dyscordia Twin Symbiosis 04/04/2013 BV
The Flaming Lips The Terror 06/04/2013 BV
Psychic Ills One Track Mind 09/04/2013 BV 7
The Black Angels Indigo Meadow 09/04/2013 BV
The Hedgehogs Our Minds Dyed Yesterday 10/04/2013 BV 8
Sgt. Sunshine III 10/04/2013 BV
Buffalo Killers Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. 11/04/2013 BV 8
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Specter At The Feast 13/04/2013 BV 7
Wolvespirit Dreamcatcher 17/04/2013 BV
Alabama Black Snakes Shake It Like The Lord Ain't Watching 20/04/2013 BV
Galaxy Express Galaxy Express 23/04/2013 BV
HooK Living Proof 27/04/2013 BV
The World State Flier EP 27/04/2013 BV
Shivas Nat Hard To Breathe EP 27/04/2013 BV 8
Vibravoid Delirio Dei Sensi 27/04/2013 BV 8
Hookworms Pearl Mystic 27/04/2013 BV
Unknown Mortal Orchestra II 28/04/2013 BV 7
Molior Superum Into the Sun 29/04/2013 BV
Mindless Self Indulgence How I Learned To Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence 13/05/2013 BV 8
Blaak Heat Shujaa The Edge of an Era 13/05/2013 BV
The Telstar Sound Drone Comedown 13/05/2013 BV 9
The Road to Suicide / Spökraket Split 15/05/2013 BV 8
Free Fall Power & Volume 16/05/2013 BV 7
The Hedgehogs The Heights 16/05/2013 BV
Empire Drowns Bridges 17/05/2013 BV 7
Master Musicians of Bukkake Far West 23/05/2013 BV
Spirits of the Dead Rumours of a Presence 24/05/2013 BV
Vampire Blow Unicorn 31/05/2013 BV
Hound You Are A Hound II 31/05/2013 BV
Allah-Las Allah-Las 02/06/2013 BV 8
KornuCopia Five EP 05/06/2013 BV
King's Eden After Party 05/06/2013 BV
The Beardy Durfs A Ton of Bricks 05/06/2013 BV
Mechanical Bird Bitter Herbs 05/06/2013 BV 9
Astralnaut In the Gaze of the Gods 06/06/2013 BV 8
Silver 6 First Time Won't Kill You 07/06/2013 BV 7
Bite The Bullet Bite The Bullet EP 07/06/2013 BV 8
Bias Biased 14/06/2013 BV 7
Deep Purple Now What?! 14/06/2013 BV
Spirale Labirintas 20/06/2013 BV
Houndmouth From the Hills Below the City 20/06/2013 BV
Voodoo Mule Voodoo Zoo 23/06/2013 BV
Death Valley Driver Graveyard Dead 23/06/2013 BV 7
Foxygen We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic 23/06/2013 BV 8
Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) 23/06/2013 BV 9
Iggy & The Stooges Ready To Die 23/06/2013 BV
Hiram See The Thing Within The Thing 23/06/2013 BV
Os Mutantes Fool Metal Jack 23/06/2013 BV


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