Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Holy Wave Relax 03/02/2014 BV 8
The War on Drugs Lost in the Dream 11/03/2014 BV 9
Krautzone Kosmische Rituale 07/03/2014 BV
Dream the Electric Sleep Heretics 30/01/2014 BV 7
The Warlocks Skull Worship 29/01/2014 BV 6
Monks of Mellonwah Turn the People 07/03/2014 BV
The Sword Apocryphon 28/10/2012 BV
Franklin Zoo Franklin Zoo EP 31/10/2012 BV
The Retrospective Soundtrack Players The Catcher in the Rye 01/11/2012 BV 6
Stone Sour House of Gold & Bones Part 1 06/11/2012 BV
Aerosmith Music From Another Dimension 18/11/2012 BV
The Wallflowers Glad All Over 22/11/2012 BV 6
The Traditional You Can't Rebuild Forever 24/11/2012 BV 4
Redding Redding EP 27/11/2012 BV 8
The Black Leaves The Spirit of Life 27/11/2012 BV
Fuzz Manta Vortex Memplex 09/12/2012 BV 7
Into Century Nobody's Slave 09/12/2012 BV 7
I Used To Be A Sparrow Luke 12/12/2012 BV
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Psychedelic Pill 12/12/2012 BV
Baby Woodrose Third Eye Surgery 15/12/2012 BV
Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues Tucumcari, New Mexico and Other Songs 15/12/2012 BV
The Setting Son Before I Eat My Eyes and Ears 15/12/2012 BV
Lost Souls Carnival Lost Souls Carnival EP 15/12/2012 BV
Firecrotch Demo EP 18/12/2012 BV 6
The Gentlemen Bastards The Gentlemen Bastards 06/01/2013 BV
Ideophonic Where The Desert Ends 10/01/2013 BV
Beans On Toast Fishing For A Thank You 11/01/2013 BV 8
Heat Dust Heat Dust EP 22/01/2013 BV 7
Girl Band France 98 23/01/2013 BV
Lights & Motion Reanimation 26/01/2013 BV
Bourbon Boys Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle 31/01/2013 BV 6
Savanna Aurora 31/01/2013 BV
Western Medication Painted World EP 10/02/2013 BV 7
Go Big You, Me, and the Dog 14/02/2013 BV
Farmers Market Slav to the Rhythm 24/02/2013 BV
Glorie Falling EP 26/02/2013 BV 8
John Amadon The Bursting Sheaf 26/02/2013 BV
The New Slave Bringing You A Brighter Tomorrow 04/03/2013 BV
The Von Hertzen Brothers Nine Lives 09/03/2013 BV 9
I Used To Be A Sparrow You Are An Empty Artist 09/03/2013 BV 8
Dean Allen Foyd Road To Atlas EP 10/03/2013 BV
The Machine / Sungrazer Split 10/03/2013 BV
Diablo Strange Sordid Tales 17/03/2013 BV 7
The Crystal Caravan With Them You Walk Alone 15/03/2013 BV
Eric Burdon 'Til Your River Runs Dry 15/03/2013 BV 7
Pryapisme Hyperblast Super Collider 20/03/2013 BV 6
Shinin' Shade Sat-Urn 25/03/2013 BV
Brujas Del Sol Moonliner 26/03/2013 BV
Zap Dragon and the Attack Pain Waves 27/03/2013 BV
Early Mammal Horror at Pleasure 27/03/2013 BV 7


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