Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Be'lakor Stone's Reach 16/12/2009 BL
We Are Fiction We Are Fiction 17/12/2009 BL 8
Sybreed The Pulse Of Awakening 18/12/2009 BL 7
Arsonists Get All The Girls Portals 18/12/2009 BL
The Word Alive Empire 18/12/2009 BL
Emmure Felony 19/12/2009 BL 5
Caliban Say Hello To Tragedy 19/12/2009 BL 7
Oh, Sleeper Son Of The Morning 24/12/2009 BL
The Color Morale We All Have Demons 13/01/2010 BL
The Black Dahlia Murder Deflorate 23/01/2010 BL 7
It Dies Today Lividity 23/01/2010 BL 5
Blessthefall Witness 23/01/2010 BL
We Came As Romans To Plant A Seed 04/02/2010 BL
Fact In The Blink Of An Eye 21/02/2010 BL 7
Dark Tranquillity We Are The Void 01/03/2010 BL 8
Time Traveller Morla And The Red Balloon 01/02/2014 BL 7
Invisius The Spawn Of Condemnation 22/03/2010 BL 6
Of Mice & Men Of Mice & Men 23/03/2010 BL
Blind Witness Nightmare On Providence St. 13/04/2010 BL
Sleeping With Sirens With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear 17/04/2010 BL 7
Bleed From Within Empire 29/05/2010 BL 8
Carnifex Hell Chose Me 09/06/2010 BL 6
Confide Recover 05/07/2010 BL
I Am Abomination To Our Forefathers 10/07/2010 BL 8
Haste The Day Attack Of The Wolf King 28/07/2010 BL 8
This Or The Apocalypse Haunt What's Left 04/08/2010 BL 8
A Sequence Of Ghosts A Sequence Of Ghosts 05/08/2010 BL 6
Rosaline The Vitality Theory 13/08/2010 BL 7
Periphery Periphery 13/08/2010 BL
The Amity Affliction Youngbloods 14/08/2010 BL 8
While She Sleeps The North Stands For Nothing 17/08/2010 BL
His Statue Falls Collisions 24/08/2010 BL
Son of Aurelius The Farthest Reaches 07/09/2010 BL 7
Mutiny Within Mutiny Within 18/09/2010 BL 8
Chelsea Grin Desolation Of Eden 18/09/2010 BL
Dead At The Scene Sharktopus 28/10/2010 BL 7
Terakai The Last Stand EP 28/10/2010 BL
Bring Me The Horizon There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret 13/11/2010 BL
The Word Alive Deceiver 14/11/2010 BL 8
Lucy T Life In Focus EP 02/12/2010 BL
Silent Disguise Blueprints EP 02/12/2010 BL 5
Reluctant Hero Paper Boats EP 02/12/2010 BL 5
Motionless In White Creatures 03/12/2010 BL 7
Myka, Relocate Lies To Light The Way 31/01/2014 BL 7
August Burns Red Home 03/12/2010 BL
Martyr Defiled Collusion 16/12/2010 BL 7
Shadows Chasing Ghosts The Golden Ratio 17/12/2010 BL 6
The Sorrow The Sorrow 21/12/2010 BL
The Ghost Inside Returners 24/12/2010 BL 8
Whitechapel A New Era Of Corruption 25/12/2010 BL 8


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