Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
TesseracT Polaris 16/12/2015 HES 8
TesseracT One 18/08/2011 AP 9
TesseracT Altered State 04/08/2013 AP 9
Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe I Declare Nothing 26/06/2015 BV 8
Tesla Simplicity 25/11/2014 HES 5
Terrorway Absolute EP 04/06/2011 PP
Terror Total Retaliation 23/02/2019 PP 7
Terror The Walls Will Fall EP 13/09/2017 PP 7
Terror The Damned, The Shamed 14/06/2008 PP
Terror The 25th Hour 27/08/2015 PP
Terror Live By The Code 07/08/2013 PP
Terror Keepers Of The Faith 19/10/2010 PP 7
Terror Always The Hard Way 29/07/2006 PP
Terrible Feelings Tremors 27/09/2015 PP 7
Terrible Feelings Shadows 01/08/2012 PP
Terra Terra Terra The Space We Create 28/02/2013 HES 7
Terra Terra Terra Mind Like A Man, Soul Like A Child 06/07/2009 DR 7
Terra Tenebrosa The Tunnels 13/07/2011 DR 8
Terminal Sound System Heavy Weather 19/08/2011 DR
Terminal Sick Psychical Analysis 25/09/2008 EW
terminal Ignite The World EP 30/04/2011 AP
Terminal Bring Forth The Few 26/04/2009 AP 6
Terex Titan The Tempest EP 03/02/2014 PP 5
Terakai The Last Stand EP 28/10/2010 BL
Tephra Tempel 22/03/2011 DR
Tenement Predatory Headlights 16/11/2015 PP
Tenement Napalm Dream 16/12/2011 PP
Tenement Bruised Music Volume One 17/03/2015 PP
Tenebrae In Perpetuum/Krohm Split 31/07/2010 EW
Tenebrae in Perpetuum L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio 05/02/2010 EW
Ten Second Epic Better Off 18/10/2011 TL 7
Ten Percenter I Could Never Say 30/11/2014 HES
Ten Foot Pole Setlist 19/09/2017 PP 8
Ten Foot Pole Escalating Quickly 27/10/2019 PP
Ten City Nation At The Still Point 23/02/2010 MT
Ten After Two Truth Is... 13/06/2011 BL 7
Tempting Tragedy Descent Into Madness 24/01/2011 PP 5
Templeton Pek Watching The World Come Undone 11/10/2018 PP 6
Templeton Pek Scratches & Scars 01/02/2011 PP
Temples Sun Structures 13/02/2014 BV 7
Temple Scene A Good Day To Disappear 12/08/2009 TL
Temple Grounds Temple Grounds EP 25/09/2011 TL
Telestjernen & Manden De Kaldte Lefty Det Kolde Hawaii 31/12/2014 PP 2
Teenage Gluesniffers Nervous Breakdown 27/03/2010 PP 7
Teenage Gluesniffers Frames EP 10/09/2014 PP
Teenage Gluesniffers Chinese Demography 16/01/2013 PP
Teenage Bottlerocket They Came From The Shadows 20/09/2009 PP
Teenage Bottlerocket Tales From Wyoming 19/05/2015 PP
Teenage Bottlerocket Stay Rad! 23/12/2019 PP
Teenage Bottlerocket Mutilate Me EP 04/06/2011 PP


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