Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Rough Silk A New Beginning 28/03/2009 PP
Rough Francis Maximum Soul Power 17/02/2014 PP 5
Rotting Out Reckoning EP 27/07/2015 PP
Rotting Christ The Heretics 15/02/2019 RUB
Rotting Christ Kata Ton Demona Ton Eaftou 20/03/2013 MN
Rotten Sound Napalm EP 19/04/2010 PP 7
Rotten Sound Cursed 01/03/2011 PP 7
Rotten Sound Abuse to Suffer 11/04/2016 MIN
Rot Away Nothing Is Good 24/05/2021 PP 8
Ross The Boss New Metal Leader 25/08/2008 EW 8
Ross The Boss Hailstorm 17/01/2011 EW 6
Rosetta Quintessential Ephemera 09/08/2015 PP 8
Roses Are Red What Became Of Me 20/06/2006 PP
Rose Windows The Sun Dogs 01/08/2013 BV
Rose Tattoo Blood Brothers 13/03/2007 PP
Rose Funeral The Resting Sonata 12/02/2009 PP
Rosaline The Vitality Theory 13/08/2010 BL 7
RooM Phoenix 18/08/2013 MN 7
Rooftops A Forest Of Polarity 16/05/2010 PP 7
Ronnie James Dio This is Your Life 01/08/2014 BW 8
Rolo Tomassi Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It 01/06/2018 PP
Rolo Tomassi Hysterics 25/10/2008 TL 7
Rolo Tomassi Grievances 30/12/2015 MAK
Rolo Tomassi Cosmology 11/11/2010 PP
Rolo Tomassi Astraea 05/02/2013 PP 8
Roger Miret & The Disasters Gotta Get Up Now 22/09/2011 PP 7
Roger Harvey Twelve Houses 29/12/2015 LF
Rocquette 13 11/08/2011 PP
Rocky Loves Emily Secrets Don't Make Friends 01/10/2012 PP
Rockets On Wire I Am Not Your Home 30/03/2013 TL
Rocket Citizen Soundscape EP 25/10/2013 PP
Rock Hard Power Spray Trigger Nation 04/11/2008 MR
Rock Hard Power Spray Commercial Suicide 23/01/2006 PH 7
Robot Orchestra Robot Orchestr3 27/12/2014 MN
Robert Of The Square Time. Truth. Heart. EP 13/12/2011 PP
Rob Rock The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta 19/05/2009 PP 5
Roarback Face The Sun EP 03/01/2013 PP
Roarback Echoes Of Pain 16/01/2014 PP
ROAM Viewpoint EP 07/06/2015 MAK 7
ROAM Backbone 23/05/2016 PP
Roadkill Christmas Greeting 22/12/2009 PP 7
Road To Manila Waiting For Goddeau EP 26/12/2011 AP 7
Road To Manila Distance 29/12/2012 AP
Road To Horizon Chapters EP 28/05/2013 DR 6
Riwen Riwen EP 13/10/2014 AP
Riverside Anno Domini High Definition 11/08/2009 AP 8
Rivers Of Nihil Where Owls Know My Name 11/04/2018 KW 9
Riverboat Gamblers The Wolf You Feed 10/10/2012 PP 6
River of Snakes Black Noise 26/12/2014 BV 6
River City Ransom River City Ransom EP 06/12/2012 PP


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