Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
A Skylit Drive Identity On Fire 17/02/2011 TL 8
A Skylit Drive Rise 16/10/2013 TL 7
A Skylit Drive Rise: Ascension 07/01/2015 TL 6
A Skylit Drive Wires And The Concept Of Breathing 22/07/2008 TL
A Smile From The Trenches Leave The Gambling For Vegas 24/10/2009 TL
A Static Lullaby A Static Lullaby 11/10/2006 PP 5
A Static Lullaby Faso Latido 11/04/2005 KS 4
A Static Lullaby Rattlesnake! 08/09/2008 AP 7
A Storm Of Light As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade 21/07/2011 PP
A Storm Of Light Nations To Flames 06/01/2014 AP
A Subtle Understatement Vestige EP 25/08/2011 MST
A Swarm of The Sun Zenith 14/12/2010 DR
A Swarm Of The Sun –The King of Everything 22/06/2007 ASH 8
A Textbook Tragedy Rain City State Of Mind EP 28/09/2009 AP 8
A Thorn For Every Heart It's Hard To Move You 25/07/2007 PP 8
A Thorn For Every Heart Pick Up The Pieces EP 26/11/2008 TL 8
A Torn Mind Barriers 24/07/2010 TL 5
A Troop Of Echoes Days In Automation 12/09/2011 DR 7
A Wilhelm Scream A Wilhelm Scream EP 24/01/2010 PP 8
A Wilhelm Scream Career Suicide 31/10/2007 PP 9
A Wilhelm Scream Partycrasher 04/12/2013 PP
A Wilhelm Scream Ruiner 02/08/2005 PP 7
A Will Away Bliss EP 26/03/2015 TL
A Will Away Cold Weather EP 15/01/2014 TL
A Will Away Here Again 16/04/2017 TL 7
A.A.Williams A.A.Williams EP 19/05/2019 AP 8
Aaron English american [fever] dream 31/12/2010 TL 7
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties We Don't Have Each Other 12/11/2014 LF
Aaron's Agony Lost Inside Myself 10/03/2011 DR 5
Abadden Sentenced To Death 23/03/2010 GR 7
Abandon The Dead End 12/10/2009 EW
Abandon All Ships Geeving 11/01/2011 PP
Abandon All Ships Infamous 03/11/2012 PP 2
Abandon All Ships Malocchio 21/02/2014 BL
Abandoned By Bears When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left EP 02/03/2014 JWM 7
Abbath Abbath 01/12/2016 AP
Abbath Outstrider 04/10/2019 RUB
Abbe May Design Desire 13/11/2011 TL 7
Abigail Williams In The Absence Of Light 13/12/2010 PP 5
Abigail Williams In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns 13/10/2008 PP
Abigail Williams Walk Beyond The Dark 06/01/2020 KW 9
Ablaze In Hatred Deceptive Awareness 22/12/2006 PP
Aborted Global Flatline 12/04/2012 MST
Aborted TerrorVision 28/09/2018 RUB 9
Above Them Are We A Danger To Ourselves? 04/03/2013 PP
Abraham An Eye On The Universe 24/03/2011 PP
Abraham The Serpent, The Prophet & The Whore 29/12/2012 PP 7
Abrahma Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird 17/05/2015 AP 6
Abraxas Wretched Existence EP 27/01/2010 EW 7
Abrogation Sarggeburt 28/05/2010 AP


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