Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Revolution Renaissance Trinity 25/12/2010 PP 5
Revølver Turbulence 19/10/2005 MS 6
Reward Painted Desperation EP 04/12/2014 PP
Rêx Mündi IHVH 10/01/2012 PP 7
Rhapsody Of Fire Triumph Or Agony 19/10/2006 MY
Ride Your Bike The Connection 21/10/2010 TL 7
Righteous Jams Business As Usual 21/11/2006 PP 7
Rika How To Draw A River, Step By Step 19/08/2013 TL
Ring Them Bells No One's Dead / We're Just Dressed In Black 20/04/2015 PP
Rinoa An Age Among Them 03/08/2010 AP 9
Riot Acts Walk Where You Struggle EP 21/04/2014 TL
Ripe A Moment Forever 18/08/2010 GR 7
Ripe The Eloquence Of Silence 20/01/2013 PP
Rise Against Appeal To Reason 30/10/2008 PP
Rise Against Endgame 22/03/2011 PP 8
Rise Against Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers (2000–2013) 16/11/2013 PP
Rise Against Rise Against (7 Inch) 22/05/2009 PP 3
Rise Against The Black Market 22/07/2014 PP 8
Rise Against The Sufferer & The Witness 16/07/2006 PP 9
Rise Against This Is Noise EP 02/08/2007 PP 4
Rise Against Wolves 22/08/2017 PP 9
Rise And Fall Faith 29/05/2012 PP 7
Rise And Fall Our Circle Is Vicious 07/02/2010 PP 8
Rise Of Echoes Rise Of Echoes EP 20/06/2011 PP 6
Rise On Everest Your Life Is In Your Hands EP 16/01/2014 JWM 5
Rise To Addiction A New Shade Of Black For The Soul 23/06/2007 PP 5
Rise To Remain City Of Vultures 05/01/2012 PP
Riseback Riseback 05/01/2014 MN
Rising Abominor 31/12/2013 AP
Rising Legacy Of Wolves EP 25/02/2011 PP 7
Rising Rising EP 15/09/2009 AP 6
Rising To Solemn Ash 26/10/2011 PP
Risk It! Cross To Bear 02/04/2016 PP 7
Risk It! Who's Foolin' Who 09/08/2012 PP
Riskee And The Ridicule Blame Culture 21/02/2017 MAK 7
Riskee and the Ridicule Body Bag Your Scene 12/07/2019 MAK 8
Rite Death I Can Hear You Calling But I Can't Come Home Rite Now 01/09/2010 PP
Ritual Paper Skin 25/09/2011 AP
Ritual Dictates Give In To Despair 07/08/2020 RUB
Rival Schools Found 14/10/2013 PP
Rival Schools Pedals 20/09/2011 PP 8
Rival Sons Great Western Valkyrie 01/07/2014 BW 9
Rival Sons Hollow Bones 21/06/2016 TL
Rival Sons Pressure & Time 22/06/2011 PP 9
Rivals In The Fall The Tale Of J.B. Douglas 25/08/2011 TL 6
River City Timeline EP 25/04/2012 TL
River City Extension Deliverance 20/03/2015 TL
River City Extension Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger 18/08/2012 TL
River City Ransom River City Ransom EP 06/12/2012 PP
River of Snakes Black Noise 26/12/2014 BV 6


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