Album Reviews

Artist Album Title Date Posted Author Score
Juliette Lewis Terra Incognita 17/11/2009 PP 6
July What We Signed Up For 20/01/2014 PP 7
Jump Back Jake Call Me Your Man 01/12/2010 TL 7
Jump Back Jake And The Echo-Friendly Still Not Sorry 16/12/2010 TL 6
June Make It Blur 24/10/2007 TL 5
Jungle Rot What Horrors Await 11/05/2009 PP 6
Junior Battles Idle Ages 01/12/2011 PP 9
Junior Battles Junior Battles EP 17/08/2010 PP 7
Junior Battles Rally 05/10/2014 PP
Junius Reports From The Threshold Of Death 01/03/2012 AP
Jupid Oak Jupid Oak EP 18/04/2012 PP 7
Jupid Oak Live In Shangri-La 27/07/2013 PP
Just Friends Nothing But Love 22/10/2019 PP 7
Just Like Vinyl Just Like Vinyl 18/01/2011 PP 7
Just Say Nay Logistical Nightmares 20/10/2017 MAK 7
Just Say Nay Shit Out Of Luck 15/09/2017 MAK
Just Surrender Phoenix 17/08/2010 TL
Justice For The Damned Dragged Through The Dirt 30/08/2017 MAK
Justin Hate Though Hope Is Frail 25/09/2014 PP
Justin Hate Wandering Deathbird EP 15/05/2012 PP 6
Jørck Dancing on Gold EP 15/01/2014 BV 6
Jørck Sustainable Dream 14/07/2013 PP 8


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