Thrash Speed Burn

Written by: PP on 15/04/2008 17:28:37

So I am confronted again with a band who was a \'dominant force\' of the metal scene in the 80s and are now a \'legendary\' band. This at least according to the promo sheet since I wasn\'t exactly a metal head at an age below five years old when these guys were at the climax of their career. So understandably my knowledge of Exciter\'s massive back catalog (10+ records) is very limited to say the least, especially considering they haven\'t released a proper studio album in over eight years now (a re-recordings release from 2004 doesn\'t count). Nonetheless, I sure hope the band sounded better in the 80s than they do on the ambitiously titled \"Thrash Speed Burn\", because to be frank, they sound like a band who should\'ve sold their guitars at the advent of eBay coupled with signatures.

What we\'re dealing with here is (sub) standard thrash/speed metal. Focus is solely placed on shredding and blazing solos (which aren\'t anything to write home about), and new vocalist Kenny Winter\'s demonic heavy metal shriek in the vein of so many other 80s thrash/heavy metal bands that listing them would displace the rest of this review. Vibrato vocals, thrash riffs, yeah I get what the band is trying to do here, but unfortunately they sound exactly like every other 80s metal band, when pretty much all bands lacked the necessary technology for quality production and consequently sound crappy to a modern music fan.

On top of that, majority of the songs are laughable at best. Take the title track for instance, which has a semi gang-shout chorus of \"thrash!!..... speed!!.... burn!!...\" repeat ad infinitum. The screeching guitar, which sounds like it was recorded straight from their practice garage, isn\'t helping the either, let alone the cliché shrieks of Winter that push me even further away from this release.

Not all songs are bad on the record though. If you\'re a thrash/speed metal fanatic, you\'ll surely find your \'gem\' on the record. But that doesn\'t discount the problem of the record: every song is done to the same time signature, and because of the shredding and the unvarying vibrato vocal style, they end up sound largely the same minus the additional instrumental wizardry here and there. Additionally, \"Thrash Speed Burn\" has about zero immediacy, urgency and/or relevancy to today\'s music scene. When you have bands like Exodus and even Slayer creating quality modern thrash metal even today, a release like \"Thrash Speed Burn\", which still thinks its 1987 today, is quickly forgotten about and left to gather dust on the shop shelves - their mere 49k Myspace views speaks for itself.


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Release date 22.02.2008
Massacre Records
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