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Written by: PP on 26/03/2008 17:20:28

On their third consecutive Lifeforce Records album \"Greed. Filth. Abuse. Corruption\", Burning Skies show progression and improvement from their sophomore album in almost every aspect. The music is more brutal, this time directly aligned to the newly coined genre deathcore, the instrumental arrangements are tighter, and the song writing has improved by leaps and bounds. Although measuring in at only just over 28 minutes, the disc shows much more variation and versatility than the band\'s previous efforts to date.

The album is kicked off with \"Warhate\", an intense track that introduces you to the mix of nonsensical grindcore riffs, chaotic drumwork, and the indecipherable growl of vocalist Merv. It all sounds like an extreme tempo version of a grindcore band collaborating with a brutal death metal one with the addition of breakdowns derived from metalcore. It\'s followed by arguably the band\'s best song to date, \"You Don\'t Have To Be Dead To Be In Hell\", which starts with atmospheric guitar lead-in and gargling growls, before the first breakdown takes crushes the gas pedal to the floor in the vein of the opening track. The mid song tempo switch to a beautiful instrumental break is brilliant, and is what lifts this song above the others on the disc. \"Y.G.F.F\" continues in the same annihilating style, leaving nothing intact inside your eardrums. \"Rounding Up The Cattle\" is another highlight track with its rumbling bass work and some of the fastest growls you\'ll come across in the genre.

It\'s safe to say that Burning Skies are a bunch of screwed up individuals. With song titles such as \"Abuse To Confuse\", \"It\'s Hard To Breathe With A Bag On Your Head\", and \"Slashes, Thrashed, And Fucked Up Beyond\", it\'s easy to deduct the lyrical universe of the band. But that\'s to be expected anyway on a deathcore release. However, to demonstrate that they aren\'t completely lacking humour, one of the best songs on the album is the humorously titled \"Emocalypse\", a fitting title to a song that\'ll probably have all emos running away screaming, covering their ears from the grinding guitars and the remorseless growls. Complete with surprise gang shouts \"EMO-CALYPSE!!\" in the chorus, followed by a repeated \"YOU FUCKING BITCHES\" growl in the following verse, the song is easily among my Burning Skies favorites.

Overall, \"Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption\" shows that although deathcore is one savage, merciless genre, when done well, many of its elements can be enjoyed by those outside the core of the genre. I found myself willing to break stuff in my room and mosh around to songs like \"Sticky Richard\" and its intricate guitar riffs and ferocious drumming. Among the best from the developing genre yet.

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Release date 24.03.2008
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