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Two Headed Cow

Written by: PP on 26/03/2008 16:48:20

Supposedly one of the most influential bands of the past two decades, and an inspiration to bands such as The White Stripes, Cat Power, Reverend Horton Heat and many others, Flat Duo Jets\' promotional credentials are huge. Huge enough to warrant looking at them with an exceptionally critical eye, at least. \"Two Headed Cow\" is the companion soundtrack to a documentary about the \"wild life and times\" of Flat Duo Jets front man Dexter Romweber.

But what Dexter & co seem to have forgotten on \"Two Headed Cow\" is that Elvis died or disappeared in 1977, whichever version you choose to believe. All songs on the album sound like direct renditions from the beloved king of rock n roll, only spiced with a pinch of garage rock here and a drop of old school swing there. A song like \"Everybody\'s Movin\'\" throws in some jazz groove, and by the third track \"Frog Went A Courtin\'\" it becomes clear that Flat Duo Jets love the rock and roll of 60s a little too much. Already at this point I\'m ready to bin the album, because it\'s relevance to anything written in the past two decades is about negative two hundred percent. Every track is a painful listen to someone who was expecting a rocking garage record in the vein of The White Stripes or a minimalist singer/songwriter record in the vein of Cat Power.

Even if that\'s not what you were expecting, you\'d be hard pressed to find anyone below the age of 45 that would find \"Two Headed Cow\" enjoyable. My personal opinion is great music was extremely rare before the early to mid 80s, when the music scene started flourishing, culminating in the incredible amount of choice we have today in music styles. Alas, given the majority reader base of this magazine, you won\'t see me recommending this one.


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Release date 12.02.2008
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