Stolen Babies

There Be Squabbles Ahead

Written by: PP on 20/03/2008 16:53:28

A musical cabaret performed via the route of experimental metal? Sounds weird, but that\'s precisely the impression one gets from Stolen Babies\' debut album \"There Be Squabbles Ahead\". Knowing they utilize instruments as far-out for the metal scene as accordion, glockenspiel, jew harp, baby sitar and marimba, you know you\'re in for an original sound. Hence this album review is so delayed, as the undersigned simply had no idea how to evaluate their approach to metal.

In the midst of all the accordion passages, you\'ll find traditional metal shredding, female growling/shrieking combined with clean vocals, and avant-garde instrumentals that make you think Poison The Well\'s \"Versions\" was just a starting point for these guys. It\'s difficult not to think Stolen Babies are crazy and belong to a mental institution, but yet somewhere in the middle of their chaotic synths and intense drumming is a blink of sanity, a signpost which is definite proof that these guys (and girls) know exactly what they are doing. There are several of those signposts, in fact, and they are represented in the form of the choruses, which are catchy and singalongable, a feat somewhat strange to find on an avant-garde metal album. But yet each song has a distinguishable chorus that allows you to sing along to the dark clean vocals of their female vocalist.

Overall, it\'s easy to say that Stolen Babies is a bit of an acquired taste for most. To implement accordion in the midst of blast beats and shredding isn\'t for everyone, but those who can find a space in their musical spectrum to appreciate it, will enjoy this release immensely. Check it out for its weirdness, if nothing else.

Download: Awfull Fall, Filistata
For the fans of: \"Versions\" era Poison The Well, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Dog Fashion Disco
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Release date 12.11.2007
Ascendance Records
Provided by Target ApS

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