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Take Action! Volume 7

Written by: PP on 06/03/2008 00:04:06

Take Action! is a charitable organization that organizes an annual tour across North America from which all proceedings will go to charitable purposes. To support their annual tour each year, the organization grabs hold of some of the most promising up and coming names from alternative, punk, indie, hardcore and metal scenes, and bundles them into a CD/DVD package, from which all proceedings will of course be given to charity as well.

We\'ve now reached the seventh volume of the series, and like the earlier editions, this one is filled with some of the hottest \'scene\' bands this year. Twenty bands ranging from Every Time I Die, Chiodos, and From First To Last through Emery, Motion City Soundtrack and Mayday Parade, to Thrice, Set Your Goals and The Bled are each well represented, triggering a thumbs up for band selection from this website. No new tracks are heard though, which is a bit of a minus considering most of us will have heard all these tracks before, and the chosen songs are rarely the best from the artists\' respective releases. The compilation essentially takes one of the latest singles from each band and pops it on the disc, for example the MCS song is \"This Is For Real\", and the All Time Low song is \"Dear Maria, Count Me In\". But this can be easily overcome considering the caliber of the bands on the disc.

The DVD side of the package features 20 music videos by mostly bands that weren\'t represented on the CD side. You\'ll find The Receiving End Of Sirens, Mxpx, Four Year Strong, The Red Chord, Alesana and a number of other bands ranging from death metal through screamo to pop punk - an equally strong \'scene\' lineup in comparison to the CD. I didn\'t have the patience to sit all the way through each of the twenty videos, but the few that I watched from start to finish were great videos. Check out Four Year Strong\'s \"Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die\" for a new meaning to intimate liveshow, The Red Chord\'s \"Dread Prevailed\" for a truly neurotic video, and Alesana\'s video for their track \"Ambrosia\" to understand what emo can really mean to a screamo band.

Overall, \"Take Action! Volume 7\" is a perfect disc to put on at least in the following circumstances: a) you are trying to demonstrate that you listen to \'hip\' and \'trendy\' music to one of your friends, b) you are trying to paint a general picture about the state of the modern \'up and coming\' scene to a mainstream fan, or c) you simply want something resembling WinAmp\'s shuffle button for your car stereo. That it\'s all for a good cause is all the better.


Download: Set Your Goals - Echoes, Emery - The Party Song
For the fans of: Emo, screamo, pop punk
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Release date 04.03.2008
Sub City/Hopeless Records

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