Into Oblivion

Written by: PP on 26/05/2022 11:07:25

Kadavermarch is a brand new stoner rock/sludge metal group from Copenhagen featuring members from bands like Illdisposed, Crocell, Czar, and Helhorse to name but a few. With such experienced members in their roster, it's also no surprise that they sound as good as they do already on their debut album "Into Oblivion".

It's a record that sounds like you've just entered a desert given its smoky landscapes of fuzz-pedal-driven gloom and doom. Armed with a boatload of heavy grooves and big riffs, their expression is as headbangable as it is catchy in its distinct stoner rock manner. The fuzz pedals and the smoke-laden howls of their dual vocal approach combine for a sublime atmosphere that showcases the genre in its best light, recalling great moments from Hellfest's stoner rock stage (Valley) and other likeminded festival settings.

The vocals are exceptionally authentic and convincing, delivered in a dreamy fashion that adds to the 'windy psychedelia' element of the overall atmosphere on "Into Oblivion". They enable the riff-laden grooves a platform to shine, where an exactly on-point production allows for an expansive, far-reaching space for the guitars to reverberate in. With a degree of sludginess attached to the distortion, the resulting sound is exactly what you want out of this genre on any given day. And with the occasionally catchy vocal hook - such as that on the title track - the expression is remarkably memorable compared to most other output from this style. After all, it's seldom that sludgy music has as beautiful tint to it as here.

Overall, Kadavermarch's "Into Oblivion" is a solid debut album in a genre that's often underappreciated on these shores. Its authentic sound and rifftastic songwriting should quickly elevate their profile not just here in Denmark but possibly also internationally, too.


Download: Into Oblivion, 1000 Yard Stare, Flowering Death
For the fans of: Corrosion of Conformity, Baroness, Wolfmother, The Sword
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Release date 06.05.2022
Last Mile Records

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