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Written by: PP on 15/05/2022 13:22:08

Social Belastning is a hardcore/punk band out of the dark realms of Jylland, specializing in satirical, juvenile humour and anarcho-left wing politics on their debut album "Mågen Falder". Barked throughout in Danish, the topics dissected include topics like molotovs ("Molotovs Til Alle"), strongly hinted at violence against police ("Panserpuler"), and ridiculous references to Danish right-wing politicians living in their backyard that turns out to be a kindergarten ("Baghave"). Consequently, international readers might as well stop right here, but what about the Danes?

Well, that depends entirely on whether you're part of the 'hø-hø' segment that finds outrageously awful 'bands' like Red Warszawa funny. Social Belastning's approach to "Mågen Falder" is on equal levels of stupidity throughout, bringing most of all into mind the naivety of the Ungdomshuset subculture-type politics as well as amateurish DIY production that leaves it all sounding flat in the process. For even the more moderately sophisticated audiences, the level of 'jokes' (notice the quotation marks) is equivalent to toilet-level humour and perhaps bad dad jokes. Sure, the press materials hint at a satirical lyrical universe, but somewhere along the line I can't help but wonder whether the people behind the band are the types that will take offense when they discover this review is being written by a banker?

Stylistically, the band reference old-school hardcore in their punk-fueled expression, with scratchily howled vocals and groovy, halfway metallic shredding for guitars. Admittedly, some of the aforementioned tracks are halfway catchy, so if their lyrical universe wouldn't be so ridiculously bad, parts of the album could be salvageable. "Intet Alibi" is an example of a catchy riff, for instance, that suggests the band is capable of some kind of songcraft beyond the basic chords on "Smid Tøjet Eller Gå".

Overall, Social Belastning and "Mågen Falder" are perhaps meant to be a joke. If that's the case, at least yours truly isn't in the target audience (and I find shit like Steel Panther hilarious). In terms of the music, well, it's your average basement punk with little chance of advancing beyond their local scene.


Download: Panserpuler, Baghave, Intet Alibi
For the fans of: Red Warszawa, De Høje Hæle, Kneipenterroristen
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Release date 04.03.2022

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