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Cartel's highly anticipated debut album "Chroma" easily tops their critically acclaimed 2004 EP "The Ransom EP". Cartel has steadily gained popularity after touring with several underground fav's such as The Receiving Ends Of Sirens and Acceptance this summer, and after the real life magazines' reviews of "Chroma" start rolling in, there's little that can stop this band from conquering the mainstream just like Fall Out Boy earlier this year.

On the first listen, it is easy to dismiss Cartel as just another Fall Out Boy clone, especially after the first song "Say Anything (Else)". But if you thought Fall Out Boy were catchy, wait till you're on your fourth listen of Cartel. The arrangements that don't immediately strike as catchy, suddenly turn into songs you can't get out of your head; "Runaway" and "Burn This City" being the top two songs currently circulating in my mind.

Stylistically, "Chroma" offers various different approaches to punk rock. On one end, you have the fast three-chord riffages like "Settle Down" and "Luckie St.", but the album also includes astonishing acoustic & piano anthems such as "Save Us" and "The Ministrel's Prayer".

Whether or not you like pop punk, the following is undeniable: "Chroma" is composed of infectiously catchy hooks and beautiful, high-pitched singing that won't leave anyone cold. However, don't expect anything groundbreaking with "Chroma". It just takes the old formula and makes it "oven fresh".


Download: Runaway, Burn This City
For the fans of: Fall Out Boy, Bayside

Release date 20.09.2005
The Militia Group

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