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Divided Heaven is a project by singer-songwriter Jeff Berman, who has spent quite some time now exploring the format in different ways ranging from acoustic solo to full band backed troubadourism ((think Frank Turner style). On his fourth album "Oblivion", Berman attempts to push the genre towards influence from classic rock and Americana simultaneously, resulting in what's best described as contemporary, mature rock music on tracks like "Beginning Of The End".

Elsewhere, Berman reaches deep and wide into his influences. "Burn Me", for instance, sounds like something that could've been on an album by The Police given its casual guitar strums and distinct 70s vibes. On the other hand, "Monuments" draws from the same American rock song inspiration as Dave Hause does on his records.

Occasionally, he pulls in female guest vocalists. Guise, for instance, appears on Creep, and Jen Razavi (The Bombpops) shows her songstress abilities on "Reckoning" in a completely different role and style than her power-pop band. Additionally, Lydia Loveless guests on "They Poisoned Our Fathers", another casual ballad with an expansive, anthemic chorus.

Unfortunately, most of the time the songs are just decent without ever awing the listener. The result is somewhat of an anonymous sound despite Berman's capable singing abilities. The traditional singer-songwriter style on tracks like "Baby In The Band" just isn't particularly interesting, and the full band cuts - even those that sound a bit like Placebo - rarely impress. Berman has a good voice, there's no doubting that, but when the songs don't hook you in fully, they end up feeling regrettably average.


Download: Burn Me, They Poisoned Our Fathers, Monuments
For the fans of: Placebo, The Police, Dave Hause, Frank Turner
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Release date 04.02.2022
A-F Records / Gunner Records

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