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The Hindsight Notes

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Cold Night For Alligators have been on quite a journey throughout throughout their short career, so fans are accustomed to change given the notable differences stylistically between debut album "Course Of Events" and sophomore effort "Fervor". But those are ultimately still classifiable as metalcore records at heart, despite the djenty mathematics of the former and the theatrical dramatics of the latter. Here's where the third album "The Hindsight Notes" is likely to surprise some fans as the band moves into fully-fledged, post-hardcore influenced prog rock, where djent and metalcore, in general, are left as mere nuances in their overall style.

Indeed, "The Hindsight Notes" feels almost like an art-rock record. Post-hardcore elements are utilized as undertones rather than as the driving force of the record, where the focus has been to craft lofty atmospherics and soundscapes that feel like ambient prog-rock pieces. If you're noticing Circa Survive vibes from "On Letting Go", it's because they're going for a similarly ambitious and emotionally charged sound here. Awash with creativity and innovation from a stylistic perspective, it's certainly in a similar vein from a holistic perspective while at the same time being completely different on a detail level.

The band states that for this record, they've matured and have taken a different approach rather than sticking to specific genres or songwriting conventions. The resulting soundscape isn't as mathematically precise as their debut, nor as faithful to the style as their sophomore album, but instead, one where progressive song structures allow vocalist Johan Pedersen (ex-Trusted Few) to fully explore his clean vocal range. Yes, save for a couple of djenty tracks like "Nostalgic" or the "Worn Out Mannequin" (featuring Møl's vocalist Kim Song Sternkopf), the vast majority of "The Hindsight Notes" is exclusively performed without screams, leaving room for a higher pitched clean delivery. Surprisingly, the vocal performance stays largely away from post-hardcore clichés as well as pop-laden melodies and instead relies on an experimental, avant-garde approach to how the various melodies work within the light instrumentation.

For instance, "Adjust" is one such song where smooth string instrumentation is brought into a minimalist, explorative mid-section of the song that would just feel weird on any of their earlier records. Here, the degree of experimentation brings to mind what Pianos Become The Teeth did on "Keep You", where they likewise almost completely abandoned their roots but what came out in its place is arguably even better if you absorb it properly.

And here's where the progressive rock angle comes in. The instrumentation may borrow from djent in terms of style, but it's delivered with a softer touch and feels more deliberate in nature, slowly building up into crescendos and loud segments like the most notable bands in the genre. It's clear from the ambient melodies that Cold Night For Alligators is going for something special here rather than just following in the footsteps of other djent/metalcore bands.

As a result, "The Hindsight Notes" is the kind of record that mandates plenty of repeat listens before it opens up to its listener. It's full of innovation from a stylistic and songwriting perspective, and less inclined to technical wizardry or cheap djent breakdowns. It's sure to shock some CNFA fans but with songs as ambitious and theatrical as these, they can expect a legion of new ones to follow especially considering their larger exposure now on Arising Empire.


Download: No Connection, Dusty Patterns, Nostalgic, Water, Adjust
For the fans of: Monuments, Karnivool, TesseracT, Skyharbor, Circa Survive, Pianos Become The Teeth
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Release date 04.03.2022
Arising Empire

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