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On The Grind

Written by: PP on 29/01/2022 01:55:32

The best-known hardcore band from Portugal is Devil In Me. They've been a familiar sight on the European hardcore and metalcore circuit pretty much since the mid-2000s, usually playing festivals or supporting some of the heavyweights in the genre. Their work thus far has always been solid, primarily driven by the unadulterated energy that fuels their excellent live performances.

On their sixth album "On The Grind", they continue to play testosterone-laden hardcore with an occasional melodic edge. Their closest counterparts are bands like Terror, Comeback Kid, and perhaps Hatebreed, but where they stand out is the sheer energy that bursts through the speakers as you're listening to the album. You can pretty much imagine the vocalist bouncing all over the place and stomping around the studio while recording these cuts, where especially "D.L.T" (featuring Terror's Scott Vogel) and "Will" throw themselves at you with relentless aggression and an uncompromising metallic hardcore edge. There are elements of crossover thrash thrown in for good measure as well.

In that sense, "On The Grind" paints itself into a stylistic corner. It's textbook hardcore without any surprises, but it delivers the genre faithfully and with enough muscular attitude for it to work in this context. For those who like their pits stomp heavy and full of sweaty beatdowns, Devil In Me is your go-to band in the same manner as Lionheart and No Turning Back are. "On The Grind", as its title suggests, ensures they'll continue to be able to go on tour delivering bombastic live shows leaving devastating pits behind them as they grind the hardcore circuit. Sometimes all you need is fist and chest pumping hardcore to get you through all the scene bullshit, and few other bands will deliver as a no-bullshit, straight-up take on hardcore as Devil In Me do here.


Download: Will, Never Give In, War, D.L.T
For the fans of: Terror, Comeback Kid, Hatebreed, Lionheart, Madball
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Release date 14.01.2022
Dead Serious Recordings

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