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Future Suits

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Pet Symmetry originates from the Chicago emo scene, featuring Dowsing's Erik Czaja on guitar and Marcus Nuccio on drums, as well as Evan Weiss from Into It. Over It on vocals and bass. They play a brand of inoffensive, easygoing indie-flavored emo/alternative rock that feels like a combo of Motion City Soundtrack and a dozen different Midwestern emo bands put together. "Future Suits" is their third album thus far, featuring a clever bit of artwork that doubles as a QR code, transitioning the album cover into a living, breathing thing instead of a static image.

Stylistically, the band incorporates synth keyboards and soothing clean vocals for a bright, laid-back expression. Here, they differentiate from your dime-a-dozen pop punk band by going headfirst into emo - especially in the lyrics department - and by occasionally reaching into Title fight territory on instrumentals (see guitars on "Object Objectives", for instance). Songs like "Window Pain" and "Cat + Mouse" are catchy enough, but not in the hook-laden pop punk way rather than in an introspective, emotive manner characteristic to Midwestern emo bands.

With parallels drawn to bands like Transit and (naturally given Weiss' involvement) Into It. Over It, Pet Symmetry positions themselves right in the middle of the indie/emo movement. Their songs are solid without much fanfare, leaving behind a relaxing, straightforward take on the genres. It works well with numerous highlights like "2021: A Personal Space Odyssey" showcasing their quiet/loud dynamic, but as a whole, "Future Suits" might just be a tad too anonymous to catch on with the scene at large.


Download: Window Pain, Cat + Mouse, 2021: A Personal Space Odyssey
For the fans of: Transit, Into It. Over It, Motion City Soundtrack, Dowsing
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Release date 13.08.2021
Asian Man Records

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