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Written by: PP on 22/01/2022 12:10:23

Maturing like fine wine, After The Fall has only been getting better on each album. Their sixth full-length "Resignation" was released two years ago and regrettably passed underneath our release radar, hence we're taking another look here, especially because it's a key moment in their career thanks to the addition of Jasmine on bass and alternate vocals. Their early work was decent, albeit somewhat anonymous melodic hardcore that drew primarily from Kid Dynamite and No Trigger school of thought, but since fourth album "Unkind" onwards they've been on an upward curve that culminated on the fantastic "Dedication" in 2015. A tribute to their late bassist Brian J. Peters, it incorporated a previously unseen emotional charge into their breakneck speed approach that lifted the songs to a whole new realm as a result.

On "Resignation", they continue exactly where "Dedication" left off, only now with Jasmine's softer vocals adding great contrast to Mike's coarsely shouted style. A great example is the album highlight "Absent Minded", where their dual-vocal approach creates a back-chilling melody that results in arguably the best sing-along of their career thus far. There's something about gravelly vocals against soothing female cleans that just works - see Star Fucking Hipsters' "From The Dumpster To The Grave" as another solid example of the same. "I'm Sorry" and "Panic Attacks" are other highlights where the juxtaposed cleans against the shouted ones demonstrates its full power, leading into more infectiously catchy material in the process.

Stylistically, After The Fall continues in the same realm as before, showcasing a turbo-charged melodic hardcore aggression jam-packed with awesome melodies and lightning speed shredding throughout. You'll even hear Tim McIlrath of Rise Against fame guesting on the hardcore laced "No Resolve", which concludes the first three songs on the record that race by in under three minutes overall. With technical guitars and a harsh distortion applied, you'll also be reminded of A Wilhelm Scream in the process. With the material on "Resignation" overall, they're indeed starting to threaten the genre heavyweights with their tight approach to melodic hardcore punk. At just under 13 minutes, the record is over quickly but leaves behind an intense expression that should satisfy any fan of coarse, breakneck speed punk rock.


Download: Absent Minded, Panic Attacks, I Don't Wanna Be Around, Got Your Back, I'm Sorry, Strangle Hold
For the fans of: Star Fucking Hipsters, A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, Kid Dynamite, (old) Rise Against
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Release date 07.08.2020
Paper + Plastick

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