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Copenhagen punk rockers Forever Unclean have come a long way from their raucous roots first seen on "Shreds" EP six years ago and on Stars Burns Stripes records before that. Little by little, they've fine-tuned their sound towards a more polished and mature soundscape, where especially their songwriting has improved leaps and bounds, no doubt inspired from the likes of The Menzingers and others within the indie-flavored, yet still rough-around-the-edges pop punk style. Make no mistake, though. Forever Unclean are decisively punk rock on their debut album, the modestly titled"Best", which opened the 2022 release year on new year's day.

Take "Rules", for example. Here we have a pedal to the floor, ferocious melodic hardcore track that clocks in at just 33 seconds in length, yet manages to be catchy in the process. Its polar opposite is the more indie-flavored sing-along anthem "Scars", which features arguably the most infectious lines of the record with its snarled "you did something to me, something eternal, and I hate it" shouts. On the other hand, the all-Danish "Kold" is again a fast-paced burner but morphs via a tempo-shift into The Menzingers style pop punk territory during its chorus melody. Likewise, "Mandy" is a heartfelt anthem that's more on the pop punk side, while "Persona" is effectively a signature-style Forever Unclean track if there ever was one thanks to its bright guitar lines. And then you've got "Broken", which culminates in Jeff Rosenstock style loveable chaos towards the end of the track.

Slick guitars, thick bass, fast-paced percussion, plenty of bright distortion and snarled vocals are what "Best" is all about. It's a solid demonstration of European punk rock with a clean production yet one that leaves behind a raw, passionate expression. It's an unadulterated expression of melodic punk rock that sticks to its strengths: big basement-style sing-alongs and aggressively lined vocals in contrast to one another.

Download: Mandy, Scars, Persona, Smile
For the fans of: The Flatliners, Stars Burn Stripes, Gnarwolves, Shook Ones, The Menzingers
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Release date 01.01.2022
Disconnect Disconnect Records

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