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Those who claim original punk to be dead: meet Chixdiggit, the Calgary based pop punk band and their latest release \"Chixdiggit II\", a re-recording of their debut album carrying the same title from 1996. These four kids started the band already back in 1990, when they were merely in high school, and by the sounds of the record, just after they finished an intense active listening session the Ramones classic \"Blitzkrieg Pop\".

Basically, it\'s back to punk rock primary school on the album. All songs are made out of simple but cheerful three chord riffs, medium tempo, and garage-quality recording, despite the re-recording of the album. So sound wise, Chixdiggit is probably the closest sounding band to Ramones I\'ve come across in recent years. Not sure if that\'s a good thing though, because although it\'d be blasphemy to argue against Ramones\' influence on the musical spectrum as a whole, in reality they were nothing more than a trendy band who were able to write a bunch of infectiously catchy songs, that weren\'t actually appreciated until years later of their release. But as original as Ramones were back in the day with their new and exciting sound, Chixdiggit unfortunately sound oh-so-70s while failing to address the more modern and tried punk audiences of the last decade or so.

Aside from the soundscape, little is similar between the two bands though. For instance, there aren\'t the caliber songs of \"Blitzkrieg Pop\" on the record, and the lyrics vary significantly from Ramones\' often socially and politically motivated issues. Most of Chixdiggit\'s topics dwell around topics important to growing youngsters, ranging from women, weed, and growing up. Not that humor is forgotten either as titles like \"I Wanna Hump You\", \"Hemp Hemp Hooray\" and \"Where\'s Your Mom\" suggest. And while I really wanna enjoy humming along to \"great chick, great legs, great body but she had a bad attitude\" in the first real song on the album, \"Great Legs\", I have to face the fact that I\'m nearly 23 and my tastes have evolved into something else.

That being said, though, \"Chixdiggit II\" is an excellent album to just pop on as a mood-booster. It\'s so accessible and easily listenable that no matter what your life situation might be, you shouldn\'t have a problem popping it on the background to transform your room into a huge happy days party. Not to even mention that if the 70s and early 80s are your understanding of quality punk, you should look no further than \"Chixdiggit II\".


Download: Henry Rollins Is No Fun, Hemp Hemp Hooray, Great Legs
For the fans of: Ramones, The Stooges, Sex Pistols
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Release date 31.10.2007
Bad Taste Records

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