Too Pure To Die

Confidence And Consequence

Written by: PP on 18/02/2008 16:25:01

Alright hands up everyone who wished Atreyu wouldn\'t have strayed away from the aggressive metalcore roots of their debut and sophomore albums? I\'m among the majority of their ex-fans who disliked \"A Deathgrip On Yesterday\", and absolutely hated \"Lead Sails Paper Anchor\". Every time I hear either record, I end up reminiscing about how great the band could\'ve been.

If your thought patterns are anywhere along the same lines as mine, look no further than Too Pure To Die and their debut album \"Confidence And Consequence\".

In simple terms, it is the album Atreyu should have written instead of Deathgrip. It has full blast, in your face deep throat screaming, slick and busy guitar lines all over the place, thick hammered drums, and all the stuff you\'d expect from a metalcore release minus the clean vocals. Vocalist Paul Zurlo doesn\'t hold back and delivers a convincing growl/scream combination at all times throughout the album.

To avoid being pigeonholed in the \"generic metalcore\" category, the band isn\'t all about melodic scales and brutal vocals. It\'s easy to hear a distinct modern hardcore influence a la Hatebreed in their music, starting from the thick breakdowns to the tough-guy vibe the album emits instrumentally. This works to the band\'s advantage as the songs become stronger, more brutal and, yes, more kick ass. Songs like \"99\" or \"It Won\'t Hurt\" will be bliss in a live environment, and should be enough to get even the most stubborn concert goer to engage in a lethal mosh pit or two.

Although \"Confidence And Consequence\" isn\'t particularly original, it is good at what it does. It reminds us that not all metalcore needs to be about scales and clean vocal choruses, and that sometimes pure, unadultered aggression is necessary on other releases than death metal too. If early Atreyu lies within the range of your musical preferences, then Too Pure To Die caters to all your needs.

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Release date 28.01.2008
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