Dream Neighbour

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British melodic punkers Misgivings have reached their sophomore album with "Dream Neighbour" on their tenth anniversary. I reviewed their debut EP "Delete History" about seven years back where they focused on FEST style punk rock sing-alongs with a few melodies sourced from Alkaline Trio records circa "This Addiction"-era. Nowadays they've changed somewhat and focused almost exclusively on straight-forward melodic punk with catchy clean vocals and mid-tempo melodies throughout.

It's a notably more polished style than what they started with, yet there are exceptions to the rule. "Sober Forever", for instance, features some roughened edge to the vocals and is holistically a more bright and fast-paced song than most others on the record. This is where the band is at their best: energetic and upbeat, leaving behind a memorable impression.

Most other songs are akin to album opener "Owe Yourself". A melodic ring pleasantly oozes from the guitars with smooth vocals laid on top, resembling work by Elway if they teamed up with The Gaslight Anthem on their post-"American Slang" era. It's decent enough, but across ten songs without much variety, the record feels a little samey towards the end. Highlights include "Token Gesture" and "The Buck Won't Stop With Me", but too often the band succumbs to just writing standard fare melodic punk without flair nor infectious enough hooks to reel you in as a listener.

In short, "Dream Neighbour" is the kind of inoffensive record you can always put on in the background with friends visiting. It's pleasantly melodic and upbeat, without too much buzz or hassle on top. And that, my friends, is also its biggest problem: it seamlessly blends in with the gray mass of similar-sounding bands out there.

Download: Sober Forever, Token Gesture, Owe Yourself
For the fans of: Elway, The Gaslight Anthem, Andy The Band, Dave Hause, Alkaline Trio
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Release date 25.05.2021
Lockjaw Records

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