Haunted Visions

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Pledge originate from Portugal and feature Sofia Magalhães (We Are The Damned) on vocals, whose screaming style is among the most caustic and piercing you'll have come across. You can virtually hear her throat being shred to pieces thanks to her razor-sharp approach to barking the lines out atop their brooding hardcore punk soundscape on their debut album "Haunted Visions".

To say that they source from Converge's most vitriolic material isn't far-fetched, and likewise, the sheer energy and unpredictability of their expression echoes The Blood Brothers to an extent. And although Sofia's primary style is a sharp scream, she does on occasion deliver off-tune cleans much in the same vein as ex-Blood Command vocalist Karina Ljone highlighted on "The Great In-Betweeness" in particular.

"Haunted Visions" is designed to sound explosive, allowing plenty of chances for the band to deliver an eclectic live performance around it. The record has buzzing tempo changes from the hardcore-punk oriented "Yardbird" to the more classic ambient screamo/post-hardcore piece "Wrong Planet Syndrome", here relying more on Touché Amoré style emotional charge than the caustic style portrayed elsewhere on the record.

But if there's one element missing from the record, it is consistency. No one can deny the abrasive nature or unadulterated aggression that it delivers, however, it is not enough to make the band stand out in a crowded genre. For now, it's nevertheless worth checking out for Sofia's scathing screams.


Download: Sudden Urge, Yardbird, The Great In-Betweeness, Wrong Planet Syndrome
For the fans of: The Blood Brothers, Birds In Row, Blood Command, Converge, The Saddest Landscape
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Release date 28.05.2021
Raging Planet Records

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