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Aalborg, Denmark-based Kollapse released their sophomore album "Sult" this past summer to positive reviews surrounding their barrage of dense, sludgy pummeling accompanied by a few post-metal melodies and, occasionally, by discordant breakdowns and horror chords. They're now a trio after having lost two members since their debut album, but that hasn't reduced the amount of noise these guys generate one bit.

"Sult" lives and dies by the thunderous roars of their vocalist, whose secondary occupation is probably chanting battle cries at the front of the fast-approaching Viking ship readying itself for battle. It's the sort of devastating wall of noise that bands like The Ocean and High On Fire popularized a good decade or two ago, but with the added sense of post-metal melody in the vein of Cult Of Luna to ensure the soundscape isn't entirely made out of sludge metal. In that sense, you can also hear subtle parallels to Poison The Well's most brutal material, although Kollapse is quite a bit more uncompromising in their thick wall of noise they send your way, despite featuring a bit of trumpet on "Der, Hvor Jeg Tænker, Er Der Altid Mørkt".

It's headbangable on one passage, dwells on atmospheric soundscapes a moment after, but common to both is the savage roars that remove all and any beauty from the music within. As such, the record is a challenging listen, offering a massively heavy soundscape and lots of apocalyptic landscapes from a sonic perspective. If you're into that sort of thing, Kollapse's post-metal and sludge combination is right up your alley. That said, the monotonous pummeling and especially the vocals mean it never quite achieves a similar special atmosphere as, say, Cult Of Luna does.

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For the fans of: Cult Of Luna, The Ocean, Amenra, (old) Poison The Well, High On Fire
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Release date 25.06.2021
Fysisk Format / Maniyax Records / Dingleberry Records / Virkelighedsfjern

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