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What's The Rush?

Written by: PP on 05/10/2021 19:53:42

Cold Moon is a new project by Will Levy (The Story So Far) and Mike Ambrose (Set Your Goals) alongside a couple of other dudes. If you were expecting similarly explosive and summery pop punk out of their debut album "What's The Rush?", well, you'll be disappointed. Instead, the group delivers semi-acoustic indie rock with a few Americana folk influences thrown in between.

Opener "Access Control", for instance, is acoustic and somber, the type of track to play around a campfire at night. One of the album highlights "Simpleton" on the other hand relies on similar nostalgia-driven folk as Chuck Ragan's solo material does, and while "Lost" amps up the tempo somewhat into a soothing, hum-alongable, upbeat indie rock piece, we're still far from distorted guitars and edgy vocals.

For the most part, Cold Moon focuses on creating a casual, cozy mood through quiet guitar plucking and laid-back vocals. In that sense, they remind me of the softest Mae material or perhaps work by Copeland early on, except not much is going on here aside from the few highlight pieces mentioned in this review. Those ("Lost" and "Simpleton") on the other hand are the kind of deceptively catchy tracks that'll glue themselves to the back of your mind after a few listens. But stuff like "Precognition" or the piano-infused "Gold Lake" is just basic indie/pop-rock tracks that are indistinguishable from the grey mass of similar artists. As such, "What's The Rush?" is decent overall, but a little too anonymous to stick out from the wealth of great releases this year.


Download: Lost, Simpleton
For the fans of: Wilco, Turnover, Real Estate, Mae, Copeland
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Release date 07.05.2021
Pure Noise Records

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