Unmake Me

Written by: PP on 28/09/2021 19:10:15

I gotta say, I haven't heard anyone sing with as much honesty and emotion in their delivery than Adam McIlwee of Tigers Jaw on their self-titled 2008 debut album...except for Keith Latinen of Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), particularly here on Parting's debut "Unmake Me". It's a record that contains all the same brilliant elements of that seminal Tigers Jaw record and packages it in equal amounts of raw emotion and indie-flavored bliss, which isn't all that surprising when you consider who's on the roster. Aside from Keith Latinen, Parting includes Ben Hendricks from Annabel, Gooey Fame from Dowsing, and John Guynn, which effectively makes them an emo supergroup of sorts (of underappreciated but brilliant emo revivalist band members).

It takes but a few seconds of "Jesse Eisenberg" to be blown away. Latinen's emotionally charged howl is back-chillingly melancholic, yet mellow and soothing enough to not force the issue. The resulting track is one where you stop in your tracks and just sit in awe of his incredible performance. And it gets better. "Ratt Michards" is a song about hating your job because of a terrible boss, but drenches the topic in pure emotion and clever one-liners like "But I know I am not a sunk cost, I will not bend. I am better off without this" amidst its nostalgic vibe.

Later, "Living Proof" provides what is the perfect now-everybody-sing-along-in-the-basement moment that doubles as a hair-raisingly beautiful song, thanks to elements of post-rock and even subtle punk ideals smoothly integrated into the mix. It's simply emo godhood where the emotional charge and the melancholic, indie-flavored soundscape hang in perfect balance. My only complaint? The seven tracks and 18 minutes are complete way too quickly given the sheer amount of brilliance exhibited on pretty much every track on the record. "Unmake Me" is the essential record to take with you from 2021; it would not surprise me in the slightest if in a couple of years we're talking about this as a seminal or a cult record.

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For the fans of: Tigers Jaw, Dowsing, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), The Get Up Kids, Annabel
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Release date 04.06.2021
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