Genetic Disorder

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France isn\'t exactly the country you\'d connect with a large thrash metal scene, but yet Nightmare has been around for seemingly forever. Formed in 1979, the band recorded a couple of albums in early 80s before splitting up for well over 10 years, only to reunite in 1999 for a second stab at thrash metal godhood. \"Genetic Disorder\" is their sixth and quite possibly most accomplished album yet, and here\'s why.

The most interesting thing about \"Genetic Disorder\" is how it sounds exactly like you\'d expect a new school thrash revivalist record to sound like. Think Evile and that sort of bands. But when you think about it, that\'s kind of paradoxical because these guys were actually around when the original thrash metal scene blossomed during the 80s. Nonetheless, that\'s pretty much how \"Genetic Disorder\" sounds like, though with a couple of extra gimmicks in the form of a majestic sound borrowed from the power & heavy metal scenes.

Tracks like \"Battleground For Suicide\" are full of manic-paced shredding and multi layered thrash riffs fitted into a massive soundscape, which allows the vocalist\'s clean vocals to echo around freely. Sound familiar? That\'s exactly what Iron Maiden has been doing for the better part of 20 years now. Others, like \"Leader Of The Masquerade\", have a remarkably slower pace, with crunching guitars giving a few nods towards Judas Priest, Accept and other heavy metal legends.

It can\'t be said that Nightmare are doing something original on \"Genetic Disorder\". Every trick this band pulls from its sleeve has been tried and heard before, starting from the extended shrieks and croons of the vocalist to the blazing solos supplementing the songs. But to their credit, they are doing it a hell of a lot better than most other 80s thrash revivalist bands. That\'s right Evile, I\'m looking at you.


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Release date 14.11.2007
Regain Records
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