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We're All Connected

Written by: PP on 07/08/2021 12:31:38

We're getting some serious early Comeback Kid vibes on Sudden Waves' debut album "We're All Connected". Hailing from Montreal, Canada, the melodic hardcore punk group dropped an excellent record earlier this year which relies on similarly anthemic song structures, drawing parallels to other ambient hardcore units like Bane, Verse and why not even Stick To Your Guns in some places.

With two absolute bangers to kick off the record with, "Fuck Cancer" in particular draws from the latter band, whereas "Midnight Desperado" is a brilliantly catchy piece of melodic hardcore punk that makes you think "Broadcasting..." era Comeback Kid. It's loaded with huge anthems and back-chilling, lingering melodies, all delivered with urgency. The guitars are tight, the screamed vocals decipherable but performed with an aggressive, throaty style that gives them extra power.

The songs are depth-laden both emotionally and stylistically. For example, "Entertainment" (featuring Sylar's Jayden Panesso) is a ferocious song about mental health where melodic verses lead into brutal choruses, leaving behind a serious tone that's circle-pit-inducing nonetheless. The band is also not afraid to incorporate elements of pop punk into their vocals. For instance, "Neverending Chapter" could be one of the more playful A Day To Remember albums, and the balladic "v e r t i g o" is a great example of how ballads can work on hardcore albums on equal footing with the rest of the material.

Overall, Sudden Waves have dropped a great album of melodic hardcore punk that is slowly catching the scene by surprise. It has all the eerie vibes of a band with great songwriting potential who are only just beginning to tap into their creativity. These guys will be huge, come album number two if they keep this up. For now, "We're All Connected" is a solid melodic hardcore punk album that'll go down very well with all the fans of the aforementioned bands in this review.


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Release date 12.02.2021
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