Ogbert The Nerd

I Don't Hate You

Written by: PP on 21/07/2021 22:54:06

Ogbert The Nerd introduce themselves to fans of emotional charge with exactly the kind of spirited energy that's only possible on debut albums where everything clicks and everything goes. It's the sort of record that's full of glitches, a lo-fi production that leaves vocals way more throaty than probably intended, but it's also one that's rammed with intricate, mathy guitars and unpredictable moments of raw passion that just explodes in your face without warning - think Bear vs Shark style. Together, these elements form one of the most criminally underrated gems from late last year that's just waiting to be found. FEST fans, look this way, because Ogbert The Nerd merges Midwestern emo, math rock, and punk in near-perfect fashion, taking you back to the peak of the genre in the mid-2000s.

Remember those early Boys Night Out records that were basically classified as pop punk meets screamo? Welcome to their spiritual successor, a modern incarnation of that style delivered with similar levels of addictive passion. Here, we're echoing sentiment in equal measure from early Silverstein as we are from the debut record by Taking Back Sunday while throwing in a good measure of bands like Cap'n'Jazz and Thursday in the process. So it's basically like Tiny Moving Parts - except Ogbert The Nerd source their influence from the depths of a decade earlier or so. Did I mention the band is from New Brunswick yet?

Screeching, angular guitars, a chaotic soundscape, and razor-sharp vocals that carry themselves with just enough melody result in a complex, yet explosive record and levels of raw passion that'll have people flying off the walls screaming along to the lyrics. The emotional charge is thick and unrelenting, leaving behind a listening experience that makes you wonder what the hell other bands are doing when they aren't able to capture this sort of energy on record. What a great debut album - do yourself a favor and get on board this band before others take notice.


Download: Get In The Robot; Mungus Borgar Rides Again; Do It For Elio; Rats! It Didn't Work
For the fans of: (old) Boys Night Out, (old) Taking Back Sunday, Cap'n'Jazz, Record Setter, Castevet,
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Release date 11.12.2020
Sun Eater Records / Rat Brain Records

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