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Written by: PP on 23/05/2021 17:51:33

Hernia is a brand new solo project by Malte Hill, whom you might recognize from fuzzy Copenhagen riffsters Molly. Much like his main band, the six-track on his solo project's self-titled EP features a distinctly echoing, nostalgia-laden sound that takes you back to the thrilling soundscapes of bands like Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr, or more recent examples like Beach Slang and Somerset Thrower. We're talking a sound drenched in reverb, plenty of fuzzy distortion, and a buzzing vibe that encompasses you in vibrant melodies in the best 90s style alternative rock manner.

"Hernia" EP might not be groundbreaking in its nature, but the way it channels inspiration from the aforementioned bands carries a similarly infectiously, instantly captivating atmosphere as work by, say, Bob Mould on his solo records. It's a sound that feels familiar, yet spirited and nostalgic, merging the best of punk nuances, grungy Seattle undertones, and upbeat alternative rock to produce a full-bodied expression that leaves you longing for more.

The playful, cheerful "Green" is arguably the best track on the record, offering a mainstream radiowaves-worthy chorus and sparkling melodies that feel like they can do no wrong. Similarly, "Sea Of Lies" drowns itself in Beach Slang-style nostalgia and echo-laden reverb, leaving behind a wonderful display of bustling energy that just rubs on.

Out of just six tracks (of which one is a rather anonymous acoustic ballad), it's difficult to say whether Hernia has what it takes to break through just yet. But if this is meant as a taster for the Hernia soundscape going forward, displaying an expression this vibrant, buzzing with warmth and charming vocals, suggests great things are in store for the band.

Download: Green, Sea Of Lies, Lost My Mind
For the fans of: The Replacements, Molly, Hüsker Dü, Dinosaur Jr, Somerset Thrower, Bob Mould, Superchunk, Beach Slang
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Release date 16.04.2021
Kilonova Records

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