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Shotdown EP

Written by: PP on 08/02/2008 04:00:16

It was blatantly bound to happen. As soon as the word about the fierce music and the ferocious live shows of The Ghost Of A Thousand and Gallows started to spread, especially after the latter\'s $1 million record contract with Warner, hundreds of poor, frustrated small town English kids, were given a new way to channel their anger, and so the revival of the England hardcore scene begun.

Young Hollywood, hailing from Burnham-On-Sea (population 18,400), are following the exact footsteps of Gallows with their debut EP \"Shotdown\". They are angry, they are pissed off, and they wanna scream out their anger through no-bullshit hardcore punk, the way it was meant to be from the beginning. The 100+ shows in the past year tell that story.

And just like their role models, garage styled lo-fi production leaves the guitars raw and aggressive, making the songs sound exactly as they would in a live environment. This works to the bands advantage, as does their vocalist, whose screams and yells are so aligned to Carter\'s that it\'s almost impossible to tell the two apart.

And ultimately, that\'s the stumbling stone of \"Shotdown EP\": it sounds exactly like Gallows, except with only a fraction of Carter brothers\' sense for incredible hooks and shock-value lyrics. There\'s even a cheeky reference to a \"ship\" somewhere on the EP. While Young Hollywood are a new band and certainly still looking for their sound, most songs on \"Shotdown EP\" end up sounding like left overs from \"Orchestra Of Wolves\". Keeping that in mind, however, it\'ll be exciting to follow the band\'s progress as they evolve as musicians and progress towards their own sound.


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Release date 18.02.2008
Glasstone Records

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