Somerset Thrower

Paint My Memory

Written by: PP on 15/05/2021 03:23:47

There's just something about that sound. The nostalgic, spirited echo of days gone by that manifests itself in a distortion-laden, reverb-drenched, noisy expression of bands like Jawbreaker, The Replacements, or Dinosaur Jr. It's a soundscape that feels eerily familiar in its electrifying raw grunginess where the sheer joy of playing music oozes through every note, every riff played on the record. Meet Somerset Thrower from Long Island, New York, a tiny band whose sophomore album "Paint My Memory" loads up on all those ideals and effectively blew my mind on first listen when it popped on background randomly thanks to a YouTube Music playlist.

It takes but one listen to opener "Too Rich To Die" to discover the same back-chilling melodies that made bands like Beach Slang and Crime In Stereo so great. It's an echoing, buzzing expression that wears its passion on its sleeve. Every guitar riff is a prolonged, distorted one, forging a brilliant soundscape for the gravelly, yet melodic vocals to draw the melodies home, with the occasional throaty screamed one like "Plaster Saint" contrasting the smokey cleans. It's a spirited, buzzing sound where urgency and passion shine through every line drawled by their vocalist. There's a sense of honesty, a laid-back atmosphere where a glitchy sound is okay as long as it reverberates pleasantly in the soundscape, which results in irresistible material like "Lucky You" and "Takeyouapart".

It's just the right amount of sloppy to create an artistic, bohemian vibe just as Beach Slang did, yet enough progressive vibe to take us toward Crime In Stereo to get the best of both worlds. If raw music with their hearts on their sleeves appeals to you, "Paint My Memory" is one of the absolute highlights of 2020 that everyone seems to have missed out on.


Download: Too Rich To Die, Lucky You, Plaster Saint, Takeyouapart, Accelerate Now
For the fans of: Beach Slang, The Replacements, Jawbreaker, Dinosaur Jr, Superchunk, Crime In Stereo
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Release date 13.11.2020
Dead Broke Rekerds / Trible B Records

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