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Sweep It Into Space

Written by: PP on 09/05/2021 13:04:28

Dinosaur Jr has been churning out thoroughly enjoyable, buzzing alternative rock characterized by fuzzy guitars and life-affirming guitar solos for nearly four decades now. Their consistency has been frightening, leaving behind a base-level quality that's difficult to beat. Yet 2016's "Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not" was somewhat disappointing, raising concerns whether old age was getting to the band. The twelfth full-length "Sweep It Into Space" is here to sweep away any such worries by delivering their best album in the reunion era from 2005 onwards.

Much like previous records, "Sweep It Into Space" features unassuming, quirky alternative rock tracks that take vibrant notes off Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder's vocal style with a good measure of indie rock blended in as well. The guitar distortion is dirty and raw, perfect for creating that pleasantly reverberating, melodic guitar ring that sounds so addicting on songs like "Hide Another Round". The vocals by J Mascis are earnest and heartfelt, exposing bare naked a soul that just wants to sing and play guitar. The resulting songs carry that same sense of buzz and dazzling excitement that Superchunk and Bob Mould also showcase, a joyous, spirited vibe that's best highlighted on a track like "And Me". Simple lyrics about 'and me and you my love' capture love in its purest form, with busy guitars contrasting a relaxing atmosphere to create the perfect soundscape for a love song.

Backchilling moments like these are aplenty on the record. "I Ain't", "I Ran Away" (feat. Kurt Vile), and "I Expect It Always" all deliver the goods where Mascis' unique pipes leave behind that heartfelt, vibrant feeling of urgency while also ensuring the chorus is instantly catchy as usual. And where it's perhaps on best display is on "N Say", a hugely anthemic, uplifting song that captures the signature style Dinosaur Jr sound to perfection. It's the kind of song you'll pop on to introduce your friend to the band, at which point it'll be too late for them.

"Sweep It Into Space" blossoms on the second half of the record with some of the best alternative rock songs you'll hear in 2021. It's the kind of record that rekindles your love for buzzing, 90s style alternative rock by just being goddamn rock solid throughout, even spectacular in places. To think after 36 years the band can still write a banger like this record is quite an amazing feat.

Download: N Say, Hide Another Round, I Ain't, And Me, I Ran Away, Walking To You
For the fans of: Bob Mould, Built To Spill, Superchunk, The Replacements, Sebadoh, Hüsker Dü
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Release date 23.04.2021

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